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  • 2123 Karan Way Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Commission District 2
    Reported before, orange paint sprayed on problem areas, but not fixed yet.
  • 9242 123rd Avenue Largo, FL 33773, USA - Commission District 5
    Street sign is turned the incorrect way. The 92 Street sign is on 122nd terrace in error. And visa versa
  • Other Archived
    2287 Manor Boulevard North Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Commission District 2
    Living in camper in side yard
  • Road Collapse Archived
    1708-1798 E Lagoon Cir Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Commission District 2
    Road collapse in to creek - twice as big & deep as last week
  • 1801 South Lake Avenue Clearwater, FL 33756, USA - Commission District 5
    There is a house on lake ave in Clearwater south of bellair rd and north of rosery rd that was burnt over a year ago and nothing has been done to repair it. It's a eyesore and may be decreasing property values in the area. What and when will something bee done about it?
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    9242 123rd Avenue Largo, FL 33773, USA - Commission District 5
    Wires are hanging down on 92nd Street & 122nd Terrace.
  • Union St Dunedin, FL - Commission District 2
    if driving south on Patricia, green arrow to turn left (eastbound) is not working. traffic backs up at school dismissal times.
  • 1295 State Street Clearwater, FL - Commission District 5
    Ongoing problem for going on 2 years. Windows now boarded up by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office after drug raid. Still occupied by residents who have no legal lease. Overgrown, trash, broken furniture. Trash along side of house that has NEVER been picked up. Sheriff contacted, but no answer in regard to illegal occupancy. THERE IS NOTHING LEGAL OR CODE COMPLIANT GOING ON HERE.
  • 110th Ave N Largo, FL 33778, USA - Commission District 5
    We have needed a northbound southbound turn light here 10 years ago. I can hear vehicles crash from my house on 111th Ave N. from light runners v/s drivers turning eastbound or westbound. Please help. There are way too many accidents at this light.
  • 1840 Gulf To Bay Blvd Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Property used to be a Mobile gas station, but the business is closed and it being frequented by street people who gather there daily, drinking and using/selling drugs. Graffiti adorns one wall, and trash is scattered over the parking lot. There has already been a murder there within the last 12 months. I also see a lot of teenagers mingling with these homeless people. I am surprised there aren't more complaints to the police, since the activity going on is in plain view of everyone going through the McDonalds drive thru. The place is an eyesore, and attracts crime. You are going to need a joint effort between Clearwater Police, and code enforcement to clean this place up.
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    2271-2273 North Lagoon Circle Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Commission District 2
    Illegal ground cover?
  • Other Archived
    Clearwater FL 33765, USA - Clearwater
    Bushes block view of sidewalk. The photo view is from my car and drivers can't see pedestrians or bicycles approaching. Crashes have happened here. This is the entrance/ exit between the Publix and the Bank of America on Belcher Rd by Sunset Point.