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  • Recycling Archived
    2439 6th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL 33713, USA - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    They have yet to move their blue recycling bin from where it was dropped off three weeks ago. Both residents are in town and know the bin is there as they walk around it/by it to get to their cars each day.
  • 36th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7

    It has come to our attention that two very popular restaurants including Chipotle are opening on 36th Ave N and 4th St. We already get tons of traffic on 36th Ave because of a Taco Bell that is located at the same intersection. There are huge areas missing sidewalks on either side of the street in the Allendale Terrace neighborhood including 35th, 36th and 37th Aves and also none north/south along 7th St or 5th St. I have 3 children under 6 years of age and many other small children live in this neighborhood. I think the city of St. Pete needs to consider completing the sidewalks on the portions missing along 6th/7th St and on 35/36/37th Ave between 9th/MLK and 7th St if they are going to continue bringing high-trafficked businesses into our neighborhood.

    Additionally, we would like to recommend that chicanes, large speed bumps or both are added along 36th Ave to encourage drivers to instead utilize the standard business thruways (4th St, 38th Ave, etc).

  • Traffic Light At 31st St S And 1st Ave S St. Petersburg, FL - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    Can you please look into extending the light for the southbound drivers on 31st St. S at the 1st Ave S intersection? Ideally this light would be extended while the northbound traffic on 31st St S is stopped. Currently, there is a left turn lane and it's not uncommon to sit through 2-3 light cycles before you can turn because of the northbound traffic. Yesterday, I sat at the light for 4 cycles (behind a line of cars that backed up the traffic beyond Central Ave.). Extending the light for only southbound traffic would really help with this issue.
  • 1405 7th Ave N St Petersburg 33705, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    Does anyone have a problem with these bright blue recycling bins left out in front of people's homes instead of being brought in with trash cans like any normal person would do? These bins are a complete eyesore. I think this area is getting worse not better.
  • 1535-34 Ave North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association
    Please come and remove your blue container that was dropped off at my house today. It is out by the curb. Not interested in a program that is beiong shoved down my throat. And I don't like the con job of charging me a fee, then turning around and making money again off my recycled items,. Give it to someone living in a Apartment complex, trailer park or downtown fancy condo. Oh thats right...they don't get theses. Anyway, its out by the curb...come and get it.
  • 1045 Central Avenue Saint Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Commission District 7
    This establishment has created a mural which is actually a sign for the business. Despite numerous painted signage in front of the store, the addition of this is an eyesore. According to city ordinances, this is not allowed and should be removed or at least review to see if it complies with city signage ordinances.
  • 606-614 15th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    606 15 th st n has garbage and junk all around the back (side) door. This has been there for some time as it's now creeping under the fence to my side. Totally unsanitary.
  • 4455 1st Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    One big glass field around 45th St. then some sporadic glass after that heading east, all in the bike lane.
  • Other Archived
    3246 19th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Oakwood Gardens Neighborhood Association

    Trash is consistently in their front yard, currently there is two wooden dressers, tire, obscure objects, wooden tables, chairs.

    Additionally, there is multiple cars parked on the grass at all times of the day as well as a trailer, go kart, mobile home.

    Completely disregard the neighborhood and codes compliance.

  • Other Archived
    626-698 7th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Uptown
    Open fencing to junkyard. Dangerous for residents
  • 2835 16th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    This property needs to be addressed immediately. The Food Mart located at 2835 16th St N, as well as the bar in the same building, do NOT take care of general maintenance of the property. The roof literally has holes falling through it. The Food Mart has a ridiculous amount of signs posted (which all advertise the same thing and which negatively affect the appearance of the building) and the outside of the building is moldy and falling apart. Needless to say, this is diminishing the appearance of the Woodlawn neighborhood. This neighborhood is well known and a desirable area, with many families residing in it. However, this particular corner of the neighborhood needs to be addressed by the city and improved in appearance. The Food Mart attracts a clientele that raises safety issues (loitering, questionable people wandering down near private homes, vehicles parked in front of homes while their drivers are inside building,) as well as noise issues (cars playing loud radio music while parked in the lot, people yelling and carrying on arguments.) The owners are unfriendly and obviously expect trouble with customers, and yelled at a friend of mine to buy something or get out after he'd been browsing their beer selection for less than 5 minutes. The dumpster in the lot is visible to the neighborhood and could easily be moved to a more discreet place on the property where it will not be an eyesore to adjacent neighbors. Overall, this building is VERY negatively affecting the appearance of the neighborhood and has remained unaddressed for years. It is time to enforce property maintenance here. Please address this.
  • 5720 2nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Live Oak Neighborhood Association
    Property has been vacant and almost abandoned for months. Appears to have had some construction started but has been left unfinished and unmaintained. There is wood with nails sticking out, 2 x 4's, beams and doors piled up in the yard, Grass is overgrown and the fence is leaning over. Wood beams in alley. A wall to house has been taken down. Big hole in siding of the house. This place is an eye sore to the community and is unsafe. Children like to hide and play back there because they know that nobody has been living there.