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  • 143 94th Ave Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
  • Other Acknowledged
    City Hall Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    This is for the Mayor. When people use See Click Fix they are reporting issues they care about. As I understand the city purchased this App to make it easier to report issues and the city was interested in input from citizens/tax payers/your employers. Well when an issue is reported and nothing happens other then a notice stating "Complaint forwarded to Parks & Recreation Maintenance Staff." or something similar it sounds good, but when NOTHING happens and no actual real feedback is given to report back on the issue, one becomes a bit discouraged. If the city really wants and cares about people comments then you need to take them seriously. You need to have someone accountable for the reported issue and someone needs to actually hold those people accountable to address the comment/complaint and give that individual a report back. The police have started to do this well with the texting app. Why can't the city do this with SeeClickFix? Do you really care? It appears not, but please show us, the tax payers that is not the case. This can be a great platform (if the software were to function better) to help the city, but you can't just ask the citizens to do our part when the city is not doing theirs. I have reported the lights on during the day at Millennium Youth Playground many times. Please have someone actually do something. That something does not have to actually fix the problem, but don't just forward the issue on. Have someone by name state it will be fix, it is not approirity, or whatever the case may be. Then quarterly or yearly audit some of these issues/complaint and see how people are performing. Are they giving a response? Are they fixing problems. PLEASE make someone accountable. More than stating the issue was forwarded on is needed. Will this complaint just be erased by someone in city government that does not want to have to be held accountable? This is not too much to ask. Please, step up and make this program better. Thanks.
  • Pothole Archived
    3351-3399 Overlook Drive Northeast Saint Petersburg, Florida - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Pothole near 3400 Overlook Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33703 just to the east of the bridge before St Raphael's Church. There is a rather large irregular shaped pothole on the right side of the lane on the westbound approach to said bridge that is treacherous to bicycling. If cyclist is avoiding road debris on the shoulder/bike lane the pothole is seen unexpectedly. Also, the roadway begins to narrow there so the cyclist needs to pay attention & merge with traffic.
  • Other Archived
    1401 5th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    The homeless population is using this address for their bathroom and bedroom. Every single day items of human excrement, dirty clothing, bedding and waste items are left on this private property which is a non-profit Day Program for handicapped people. Today, there is a large amount of human feces (attracting a lot of flies), a tampon applicator, clothes, bedding and waste up against the building near the entryway. This is an ongoing issue with the homeless population in the area trespassing on this property. A call has been placed with the SPPD non-emergency number for today's issues, but a more permanent solution needs to be addressed.
  • 5720 2nd Ave N St. Petersburg, Florida - Live Oak Neighborhood Association
    Major construction underway on home. Wall ripped down. Wood, board, doors and construction debris piled up in yard for several weeks. Causing a potential for drawing rodents and snakes. No permits posted.
  • 5500 5th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Live Oak Neighborhood Association
    Excessive outdoor storage of multiple things thru out his front yard for 4 months now. Needs to move it inside, to the back yard or throw it out
  • Pothole Archived
    2967-2999 13th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    This pothole is larger every day and is about a foot or two deep.
  • 5040 37th Way South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Maximo Civic Association

    Inadequate lighting assisting in multiple vehicle burglaries. I have placed the marker exactly where the street light needs to be installed. If need be, I can have a petition signed by Neighborhood for street light request. In the attached photo, the red line represents the proposed street light.

    Thank you,
    Daniel J.

  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    131 40th Ave Ne St Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Homeowners are illegally parking in vacant lot beside house.
  • 10th St. N St. Petersburg, FL - Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association

    We have not received a recycling container, and we will NOT be participating in this poorly executed program, so we do NOT want to receive one. We would prefer to notify someone in writing, since they seem to record telephone calls only intermittently. We understand--and don't care--that we'll still have to pay the charge.

    What address can we write to (ideally email, but postal is fine) to make sure we don't receive a blue bin?

  • 2047 2nd Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    There are people living in the garage. There is Graffiti on the garage door, trash and an abandoned sofa. I have called the city of St. Petersburg twice and nothing appears to have happened.
  • 300 20th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    The speed bumps on 3rd St S between 22nd Ave S and 17th Ave S are improperly shaped and horrible to drive over. I've driven over speed bumps all over the city without issue, but these two bumps in particular are very destructive to a vehicle's suspension and undercarriage, and are unlike any other bump in the city. The second problem with them is that they are difficult to see at night in this low light area; the signs beside them are inadequate in warning drivers. I have no issue at all with traffic calming in this area and encourage the speed bumps' presence, it's simply the design of these humps that are a problem. Please correct.