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  • 1100 26th Ave North saint petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

    The home owner at 1100 26th ave north in St. Petersburg. had a new fence installed on the south side of his property and it is inside out, right next to the alley.
    A few neighbors allegedly informed the homeowner as it was being built that it was a code violation and he said he did not care.
    This is a reasonably nice neighborhood and this incorrectly installed fence is an eyesore and a safety hazard!

    The fence can be viewed directly west of11th st. north and is on the North side of the alley between 26th ave north and 25th ave north.

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    300 34th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    There is a coyote that comes from the Masonic Home of Florida, crosses Oak St, lopes across my side and front yards, then either returns or disappears to the east. This has happened three times in the last month. Please remove the coyote.
  • 5025 9th Ave N St Petersburg, FL - Disston Heights Civic Association

    All along the north edge of 9th Av, westbound from 49th St after one passes the parking lot of the Walgreens, even with the oversized drainage boxes on that side of the road, the road will still flood badly enough that one cannot even see the curb placement *from the wake it throws*, in as little as a steady 1" / hour rain. This goes for at least 4-5 blocks west, and starts to taper off before one reaches 58th St.

    It's much worse on the north edge than the south edge; it makes the slow lane effectively unusable there.

    No image; I was too busy not going off the road -- even in a Land Rover.

  • 1525 29th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    I don't even know where to begin with this house. Nothing is maintained and the people who live there sit outside on rotten patio furniture around the clock. There is no driveway, but they park in the yard every day. Sometimes they park in the yard near the street, sometimes they park farther up by the house (which is set back by the alley), sometimes they park in the side yard. There are constantly vagrants visiting this house and random people hanging out in the front yard late at night. I have no idea how many people actually reside there, but there is a young girl who is still in high school that lives there. It is not a safe place for a minor. I see 5-10 different men coming and going each week, and every day a group hangs out at the table that is permanently kept in their front yard, and drink beer starting at around 11 am. People get dropped off in cabs every night, hang out and make noise and play their radio loud well into the night. Right now there is a stranger's car parked in the yard, and half of it is practically in the neighbor's yard. This property is atrocious in appearance and NOTHING is taken care of. There has GOT to be something done about this.
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    4149 1st Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33713, USA - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    Overgrown Lot
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    2955 Dartmouth Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33713, USA - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    Front Yard Parking
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    2123 6th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33713, USA - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    Abandoned truck... Still there after reporting a month ago...
  • 4920 4 Ave. S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Westminster Heights Neighborhood Association
    There is unsafe and un permited construction behind house.Also intends to run power to this structure.
  • 236 10th Ave Ne St Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Street is a river again. Please fix drainage.
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    605 15th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    There 3 people living in the outbuilding at this address. There are no bathroom or kitchen in the building.
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    2550 4th Ave N St Petersburg, Florida - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    Dog is constantly chained up outside for hours on end without any water. Animal control has been called but nothing ever gets done.
  • 8th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    It's a swing and a miss Mayor Kriseman & City Council! This was the dumbest idea yet. Did you EVEN think that most homes in the ONE do not have walkways wide enough to get those atrocious blue recycling containers around to the back of our homes for them to be filled and then to get the back to the CURB when full for pick up??? I am all for recycling and I was paying for it and using it when we used small bins that could fit on our back porch and could be carried out to the curb every week. BUT these things should be in the alley with the trash containers! UNBELIEVABLE! You have just accomplished the exact opposite of what you were planning because you can charge me but come pick up your over sized can and I will just throw what we were recycling in the trash cans in the ALLEY.