Morris Plains

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  • Morris Plains NJ, 07950 - Morris Plains
    Cars prohibited from parking on this section of Speedwell during rush hour, from 4-6pm. Every night there are several parked there causing on coming traffic to squeeze around them and create a dangerous traffic situation. Often drivers are exiting and entering these illegally parked cars causing risk of serious bodily injury.
  • 650-698 U.S. 202 Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA - Morris Plains
    The no parking on Speedwell Ave needs to be more effectively enforced by Police. Between 4-6pm no parking is the posted law to allow traffic heading south to move along. I have called the Police to many times, they should be doing enforcement regularly to promote safety. Where are they?
  • 520 Speedwell Ave Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA - Morris Plains
    the intersection is designated for both lanes (including the rt turn only lane to go south during rush hour) The Morris Plains Police are not enforcing the no parking restriction which is going to lead to several accidents
  • Route 10 And Littleton Road Morris Plains, NJ - Morris Plains
    pot hole in left lane (heading north)on littleton road and rt 10 intersection between wendys and chevys
  • 245 Littleton Rd Morris Plains, NJ - Morris Plains
    Someone made two deep cuts about 12" wide each across route 10 just at the rt 10 and 202 intersection in parsippany to install cabling or something and made a half *ss attempt at patching them. They're now about 6 inches deep and getting worse. When you hit them it's like hitting steel beems! These things are destroying my new truck! When I need new suspension and a front end alignment who do I send the bill to? Please fix this!!
  • 1000 American Road Morris Plains, NJ , 07950 - Morris Plains
    Missing stop sign at parking lot exit. Cars stream out at quitting time.
  • Route 202 @ Stop And Shop - Morris Plains
    The timing of the traffic light at Stop and Shop/Kohls is beyond ridiculous - especially in non-rush hour traffic. Light should be traffic sensitive - not on a timer. Frustrating to be stuck at that light with no shopping center traffic at all.
  • Route 10 & Littleton - Morris Plains
    It is very dangerous for cars to make a right on red, especially westbound, at the intersection of Littleton and Route 10 (near Chevy's and Wendy's). It would be much safer if this were not permitted.
  • pot hole Archived
    245 Littleton Road - Morris Plains
    pot hole at Morris Plain at Stop and Shp
  • Route 53 North Morris County, NJ, NJ - Morris Plains
    Route 53 North, one block before Foxhill, pothole
  • 34 Overlook Trail Morris Plains, Morris County, New Jersey - Morris Plains
  • 22 Franklin Place Morris County, NJ - Morris Plains
    The street light adjacent to 22 Franklin Place is non-functional/intermittment. Cause of malfunction is unknown.