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  • signage Open
    341-507 South Belleair Causeway Largo, Florida - Belleair Bluffs
    I see a potential safey issue regarding the lack of signage for pedestrians/cyclists using the north side of the bridge informing them of vehicles entering and exiting the Belleair Boat Ramp.
  • Pothole Archived
    Gulf View Drive Largo, Florida - Harbor Bluffs
    Reported pothole
  • 139 Emerald Ln Largo, FL 33771, USA - Commission District 5
    I have submitted this multiple times since June... And nothing is being done except for it being "acknowledged".... This is quite ridiculous . These people moved out the last week in January 2015 and have done nothing to their yard since then....
  • 1611 Balmoral Drive Clearwater, Florida - Pride
    If you fell or were disabled or used a scootered, this sidewalk would be repaired. It would not be crumbling and have just paint on the edges for months. It needs to be attended now.
  • Road Issue Archived
    7373 Windsor Lane Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    I would like to add another complaint to the following original complaint issued by a different resident in our neighborhood regarding:
    7373 Windsor Ct - Clearwater Issue ID: 1623161
    Reported: on 05-01-2015
    Original Complaint: Description -Cars, trucks and a big boat are parked in front of house and blocking the entrance to the cul-de-sac and one lane. Car is always parked at the stop line of Windsor Lane and Windsor Court. This is creating an obstruction and hazard for drivers. Thanks for any help! A concerned citizen
    New Complaint: I also live in this neighborhood and was glad to see I wasn't the only one that has a problem with this issue for the past several months. There are about 10 cars, trucks, trailers and boats (some with no license plates parked at the house and on the street right now - May 17th). They wake us up bringing most of the vehicles in late at night on Friday with a noisy truck. They advertise some of these vehicles on Craig's List (Tampa), Auto Trader and other websites under the name of Onyx Automotive. The problem is worst on the weekend. This property is located in the middle of a residential subdivision, not in a commercial district. I don't think they should be running their car dealership in the middle of a residential area. I too would like something done regarding this ongoing issue as I did not pay for my house to live with a car dealership on the corner of the street. I am attaching a photo. As you can see, the last car is parked on the street without a license plate. Thank you for any help!
  • 10753 97th Street largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    I called over a year ago on this. They came out, marked up the sidewalk, but did nothing. I would like this repaired as we are getting into the holiday and we will have walkers in to see the holiday display. We collect for Hospice. I'd hate for someone to trip on this very raised up sidewalk.
  • 2402 Gulf Boulevard Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785, USA - Indian Rocks Beach
    Same building as other complaint
  • 139 Emerald Lane Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    Occupants moved out the weekend of January 24, 2015. over grown grass and trees. and it is an eyesore and not to mention with it being summer could house snakes and other rodents. In addition, inoperable vehicle - silver Dodge Caravan sitting there.
  • 810 Royal Drive Largo, Florida - Harbor Bluffs
    Good afternoon - please be advised that the pool at this address is black and has not been cleaned in months. There are mosquitos starting to swarm. Residents feel this is a health issue as well. Thank you.
  • 1153-1181 Brookside Dr Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    PVC pipe inside County drainage system through both structures serviced by PSW04_0025. Pipe needs to be removed from system.
  • Environmental Archived
    1787 Indian Rocks Rd S Largo, Florida - Largo
    *Garbage is everywhere.
    *The grease trap was seen dumped into the creek leading into the inter coastal waterway
    *The back deck is sinking into the creek.
    *Parking lot and floating trash floods into the creek
    *Contractors have been seen illegally dumping in the adjacent lot behind the store.
  • no permits Archived
    12701 126 Ave Lot 93 Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    Doing unlicensed work and not pulling correct permits, doing work after hours