Commission District 6- Pinellas County PLUS

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  • 5320 Dr. M.L. King St. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Euclid Heights Neighborhood Association
    Several weeks ago I filed a complaint about an RV and multiple vehicles being parked on this property. The RV is gone since the 30th of last month. Today a 40 foot yellow truck is parked where the RV was parked previously. This is the same individual as before.
  • 600 90th Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    A tow truck has been repeatedly parked in the parking area of this apartment. The tow truck regularly blocks residents in and parks behind them. The tow truck is parked here at least 5-6 days a week and arrives late at night waking up residents with its loud back up alert alarm. I did not think commercial vehicles could park in residential areas. The property management organization has been contacted and the tow truck operator who resides in apartment #1 will not cease parking here.
  • An abandoned house at the corner of 50th Av N and 19th St N has a fence falling down, and a tarp coming off of its roof.
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    400 Macoma Dr Ne St. Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    Location seems to catch speeding motorist off guard by its quick blind curve. Recently multiple motor vehicle have left the roadway. In one incident the driver nearly struck a residence and caused damage to a fence and in a separate incident a motorist left the roadway crashing nearby, that motorist did succumb from fatal injuries. The city needs to evaluate the roadway for possible installation of a flashing sign that advises drivers of the blind bend. This is also a problem near the bridge that crosses the waterway into Weedon Island @ Riveria Bay.
  • 5054 Queen Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33714, USA - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    Someone dumped old furniture and wood in the alley behind 5054 Queen St N. Please schedule pickup. Thank you.
  • 6958 6990 81st av and 8096 69th ln, Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Grass is covering the sidewalk at several houses. Starting at 81st ave and 69th lane all the way up around the bend on 70th.
    I try and let my grand baby try and ride his bike with training wheels and its impossible. And it looks horrible.
    Thank you
  • Other Archived
    1528 Delaware Avenue Northeast St. Petersburg, FL 33703, USA - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Delaware desperately needs speed bumps people travel at a high rate of speed Delaware between shore acres and overlook.
  • 742 Placido Way N E St. Petersburg, FL - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    A rusty abandoned trailer along with broken furniture a trampoline a punching bag a broken boat A dilapidated dock pvc pipes etc, are strewn throughout the backyard. Wells Fargo needs to clear this waterfront property of all the garbage.
  • 1301 40th Avenue Northeast Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association

    A few years ago on the 40th St bridge there was an accident where a young girl was decapitated. I believe this fatality is entirely to blame on the guard rail design for that bridge. If you look at it, the concrete barrier is an actual ramp. What happened is that the young girl driving hit that concrete ramp and the car then, while elevated, hit the aluminum guard rail, which came through the window killing the teenaged girl.

    This is the worst, most poorly designed concrete barrier I have ever seen, it is an actual ramp. Each time I drive past it I just can not believe that the city did not make a simple change to the design to prevent any future tragedies.

    Please have one or your city engineers drive by and take a look at it.

    John Indermaur

  • 413 43rd Avenue Northeast Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Coyote sighting in neighborhood last Sunday at 8:15 am. There have been numerous felines killed. We are worried that small children, elderly and other pets will be harmed. We hope that the City will take care of this issue as soon as possible.
  • 1800 77 Ave No Saint Petersburg, Florida - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    depression/cave in over culvert this is fourth repair has been filled in before and sunk again
    someone could lose an ankle
    needs at least a barricaid
  • Other Archived
    1701 46th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    1 block of 46th Avenue North, between 16th Street and Haines Road is in desperate need of repaving. All of the roads adjacent to 46th Avenue and on the other side of 16th street were repaved at least once in the past 5 years but this portion of 46th Avenue has been forgotten.