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Center of town

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  • Snow Removal Archived
    Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    We received one drive through from a plow on Monday and no one has come back since. You can't park on the even side, snow is way too high and with more snow on the way neighbors here are a bit on edge. Is there any plans to remove this for us soon?
  • 250 Dodge Avenue East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Drivers are constantly running the stop sign on Dodge at the intersection of Dodge Ave and Robert Drive. In many cases, drivers don't even slow down. This is extremely dangerous, especially to drivers coming from Robert Drive. Please put in a flashing light and/or start heavily ticketing those who run through the stop sign before someone gets hurt or killed.
  • 189-211 Charter Oak Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    When turning from Main Street to Charter Oak, there is a HUGE pothole in the street. It causes people to take the turn wide endangering those coming down the road.
  • Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    There are so may posts here for snow removal, unshoveled walkways, streets still haven't received one plow as of yet. When will this city take notice and be more prepared. We have received one drive by of a plow yesterday and thats it. Numerous complaints go unnoticed and we are ALWAYS the last to get help in this neighborhood. I understand everything that can be done is being done, but we pay taxes too and it would be nice for once to get some help first instead of after .the fact
  • Glass Archived
    Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Every Friday when the recycling truck comes around although they do a wonderful job in returning the pails back to the original owner the truck itself leaves a mess of glass approximately every 5 feet. Is there any way that we can prevent this from happening, getting tired of cleaning it up each weekend.
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    Terrace Street New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    Snow plow wanted on Terrace street, resident came in to complain about East Haven plows leaving snow on the street and not taking care of it. Resident has called more than twice on this issue.
  • Cosy Beach East haven, Ct - East Haven





    LOST:  12/24/2011

    AGE:  5 MONTHS


    Reported from my mobile device

  • 128 North High Street East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven

    ATV gang members are planning to 'terrorize' new haven today. Warnings on Instagram show the start at Valero in East Haven.

    Please use caution in this area and keep your children away from roads and public parks today.

  • C/O Burr And Garish Ave East Haven, CT - East Haven

    Reported from my mobile device

    Power outage on approximate 100 homes due to broken and downed center phase

  • No power Archived
    90 Gerrish Ave East Haven, CT - East Haven
    There is no power in this apartment complex and from the notes we will not be receiving a backup generator of any sort or accomodation. Food is spoiling, no hot water. The elderly have safety hazards due to no lighting. The emergency lights are down in the hallway and so are the emergency exit signs. People are evacuating the premises as we speak. During the night there are no streetlights and it is pitch black in the parking lot which poses a very unsafe condition for tennants. For more information or tk contact me call or text 609-369-2822
  • 2-28 Massachusetts Ave New Haven, CT 06512, USA - Annex
    Has recycle day changed? Its been coming all different days, friday, saturday. Now its sunday and still not picked up. Someones dropping the ball here.
  • 109/111 Elizabeth Ann Dr New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Squares in sidewalks near tree lifting up. Roots of tree causing this problem. Have made many requests with no results.