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Mirror Lake

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    City Hall Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    This is for the Mayor. When people use See Click Fix they are reporting issues they care about. As I understand the city purchased this App to make it easier to report issues and the city was interested in input from citizens/tax payers/your employers. Well when an issue is reported and nothing happens other then a notice stating "Complaint forwarded to Parks & Recreation Maintenance Staff." or something similar it sounds good, but when NOTHING happens and no actual real feedback is given to report back on the issue, one becomes a bit discouraged. If the city really wants and cares about people comments then you need to take them seriously. You need to have someone accountable for the reported issue and someone needs to actually hold those people accountable to address the comment/complaint and give that individual a report back. The police have started to do this well with the texting app. Why can't the city do this with SeeClickFix? Do you really care? It appears not, but please show us, the tax payers that is not the case. This can be a great platform (if the software were to function better) to help the city, but you can't just ask the citizens to do our part when the city is not doing theirs. I have reported the lights on during the day at Millennium Youth Playground many times. Please have someone actually do something. That something does not have to actually fix the problem, but don't just forward the issue on. Have someone by name state it will be fix, it is not approirity, or whatever the case may be. Then quarterly or yearly audit some of these issues/complaint and see how people are performing. Are they giving a response? Are they fixing problems. PLEASE make someone accountable. More than stating the issue was forwarded on is needed. Will this complaint just be erased by someone in city government that does not want to have to be held accountable? This is not too much to ask. Please, step up and make this program better. Thanks.
  • 601-617 Mirror Lake Dr N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Wednesday a large group of people gathered for a meal at Mirror Lake. After the event there was a quantity of trash all around the trash can near 6th street. If the recipients of this kindness cannot or will not pick up after themselves, perhaps the providers need to hang out for clean up.
  • 150 5th St N St. Petersburg, FL - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Google announced plans to roll out super-fast broadband in test communities around the United States. "Google will seek input from communities that might be interested in getting one of its test networks." Our Mayor's Office should be ALL OVER this as a way to stimulate the local technology economy FOR FREE.
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    559 Mirror Lake Dr N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Ever since Irma, the street lights by the shuffleboard club are either off or very weak. It's hard to see when you're walking. It is very dark on the sidewalk by the club.
  • Mirror Lake Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association

    The city employees that work the grounds do a fantastic job keeping the Mirror Lake park property really looking great.

    However, the water quality and amount of trash in the water is really getting bad. I'm a bit concerned for the folks that fish and eat the fish out of the lake as well as the surrounding wildlife.

    Here's a photo from early this morning where you can see a dead turtle in amongst the trash. This turtle appears a bit young to have died of natural causes.

    Hopefully something can be done.

    Thanks again to the hard-working city employees in St Petersburg. We really appreciate you!

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    745-799 2nd Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Another accident due to an unsafe intersection. There is visual imparement coming east on 2ave n crossing 8th st. The building is built too close to 8th st road and the high landscaping, added trees and 2 signs do not assist. When will this be attended to? The same builders are building again a block away with the same design. Is the city going to let this happen again without taking into consideration the safety of the community, or will someone need to die first?
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    Mirror Lake Drive St. Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    There is an obscene amount of trash in Mirror Lake. It is not only unsightly but it threatens marine life. Small animals often ingest human trash and die. To properly fix it, the groundskeepers for the park should be instructed to pick this trash out of the lake on a weekly basis. They don't pick it up at all currently. Also, it would help if the vegetation around the lake was not cut down so low because it keeps debris out (it also feeds marine life).
  • 100–198 5th St N Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    These 2 restaurants (Ford’s Garage & Yeoman’s Cask & Lion) have effectively blocked the sidewalk with their signs & tables. This is a safety hazard for pedestrians.
  • 718 4th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • 350 8th Street N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    parcel 19-31-17-74664-000-0100 is being used as a parking lot and it's not zoned as such
  • 467 1st Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    3" drain pipe sticking out of curb
  • 354 Grove St N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association