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  • 447 73rd Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    There is a mini-van that has been moved to the back yard of the property at 441 73rd avenue north, St. Petersburg. The code people were there when it was out front but has only been moved to the back yard. The vehicle has an expired plate and registration. The original owner died years ago and the property is in a trust where the apparent owner lives up North and hasn't been here in years. The people living there say they have permission to live there but don't. They are squatters. Please come and tow that vehicle and notify the real owner so he knows what is going on with that property. It is a dump with drug addicts and prostitutes. there is a pregnant girl with twins living there. No child should have to be in that environment. Please help !!
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    685 71 Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Resident parks vehicle next to front door.
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    6934 Laurel Street N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Hello, my name is Marie Wilson. We are neighbors of this facility. For the past 10 years, we have lived across the street from Palm Terrace and what once was a beautiful neighborhood, is now trashed by this facility , i would love to address the "outside" and surrounding grounds in which we have to deal with daily. We also do not get returned phone calls from Ron.the administrator .on numerous issues..i would love to discuss much needed issues, and make them public. We have tried to seek help from the city, and local authorities, but no luck.. maybe if we can make this a public matter, we will get much needed help. If there is anything you tbink you could help us with, please email me back. The list is long and i have pictures to share.. thank you Marie Wilson
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    6801 Turner St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Report that a large amount of synthetic material on Turner St, Northmoor Ave N and Atwood St. Source unknown
  • 838 77th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    First off let me say that not only does this issue involve the storm drain being backed up 3 times since June 1. It also involves the building of the house at 854 77th Avenue North. When that home was built for some reason they were allowed to bring in fill dirt which makes them higher than anyone else on the block and myself and the 2 houses on 76th Avenue North get all the run off from them. THIS should not have been allowed to happen, no matter how many years ago the home was built! We were the only houses and yards that now have water 6 inches deep in our yards after the flooding rains on this block. And it's because 854 was allowed to be built higher than anyone else. I don't see how that can be fair. At the very least they should be made to put in some sort of drainage to the street to take care of their runoff. I have not complained about this in the past, but I will be looking into the statue of limitations on this situation.Even on my fence line you can see that they are about 8 inches higher than me...and it's not a natural rise. This problem not only floods our yards but it also contributes to the sewer issue! Add to that the idiots are still running their sprinklers! adding even more run off into my yard.Somebody back in the day allowed this to happen.
  • 651 71st Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Citizen called two months ago to request for resurfacing of the alley behind this address.
  • Fossil Park 6927-7017 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Street North St. Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association

    Who is in charge of maintaining the conditions of Fossil Park? Why does the City Parks Dept not speak with City Sanitation and Codes Compliance Dept and determine a schedule for keeping this park in sanitary condition. It is well used, and pitifully ignored, except for the one city worker that picks up trash in rover. And, that is to be polite, a" half- way" job. He doesnt bother to get out of the rover and walk to pick up trash but just reaches his stick out of the rover and if it doesnt reach, then it doesn't get picked up. Leaves lots of litter around trash cans as he only feels he is there to change bags. I have spoken with neighbors, who have lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years and they can remember "when the park and creek were beautiful."
    1. The city is in violation of their own compliance codes as follows: Vegetation is well over 6 inches on both creek banks and large ponds. It is now to a point that the vegetation is touching from one bank to the other on most of the areas where the creek borders the park; from Atwood, side alleys, and all the way to North Branch St Pete Library.
    I have been told by city in phone conversation that they are responsible for maintaining the vegetation on the creek banks.

    2. The stench is horrible, especially on hotter days; water is not moving, mosquitoes are breeding and it is a true public health hazard.

    3. Creek bed and Pond dredging needs to be completed as there is litter everywhere and slime from years of city neglect. Again, the neighbors who have lived longest in the area say there used to be blue crab, turtles and other wildlife in the creek.

    4. Creek banks and pond banks are caving in on sides and eroding into a silt pile. Also, a safety hazard as this neglect has caused erosion into side walk in park and alley on creek side.

    5.Dying Palm Trees and other trees in desperate need of care. They have not been properly maintained. With the exception of some trees cut back to reach burned out park lights that were just installed ( after lights being out for months) and a small amount of one day tree maintenance ( very minimal) a few weeks ago.

    I have never lived anywhere that a park and waterway surround are this neglected. The one photo does not begin to cover all the issues.

  • 6737 Laurel Street No Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    My name is Florence Miller. We own a home next door at 6727 Laurel Street N. St. Petersburg, FL 33702. Our neighbor has 2 very large oak trees that are diseased. We got a few quotes to have the limbs above our home removed, but we cannot afford them. We are very concerned because if those very large limbs fall, it is going to cause a lot of damage. If you have any questions, please contact me at 727-647-2093. I would appreciate any advise or assistance in this matter.
    Florence Miller
  • 139 Nw Monroe Cir N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
  • 8th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association

    The lake in Fossil Park has garbage floating in it and needs to be cleaned up.

    There is also a portion of ground along the sidewalk next to the lake that has caved-in and is a potential hazard (see image below).

  • 74 Th Ave North & 8th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Yard debris has clogged this drain some one drain their pool up the street and this is a mess
  • Flooding Archived
    838 77th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    The alley between 76th and 77th between 8th and 9the is flooded one again there is at least 6 inches of standing water making it impossible for emergency or utility vehicles to access my home and the two behind me. NOT only is the alley flooded it has flooded or yards! in the past we would get a little flooding but ever since the alley was graded last summer it's been a nightmare! is not only a safety issue is a health issue since it's a mosquito breeding ground. my next step will be 8 on your side since the city refuses to take ownership of an issue they've made worse!