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  • 2900 68th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    A trailer with junk is parked in front of the house for several weeks as well as garbage bags that were sitting a the curb for last 2 weeks. Would you please assign to this case someone who will help neighbors to live in clean an safe area.
    This establishment does things in total disregard of community's family residential nature, spirit and rule of law !
  • 1892 62nd Ter S. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Container stays in the middle of road on 19th St. S. next door to 6250 19th St. S.
  • 772 65th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Where there had been sinkage in my lawn because of earth filtering into holes in an old city pipe, several months ago the city replaced the pipe and sodded the area of my lawn over the repair site.Sinkage has again begun in that same spot. I do not know if it is still a pipe issue or if the city simply did not fully fill in the repair site with dirt before putting down the sod. I request that the city look at this, determine the reason for the sinkage, and fix it. Thank you.
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    3315 58th Ave S Apt 115, Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    I need help. My name is Louis Vennell and this is my story.
    Homebound wheelchair patient. Chair broke 09/29/16. M & S Supply picked up chair October 3rd. The loaner chair they brought out to me was so big it would not fit down the hallway in my condo and would not fit out the only door that I can get in and out of so I sent that chair back. I have been without a power chair since the 29th of September they claim they don't have a loaner chair to give me. They have left me stranded I have not been out anywhere since the 29th of September. I am in a competitive bidding area and they have a contract with Medicare. They are obligated to give me a loaner chair Medicare will pay one month for it. I believe I am being punished because I spoke up for myself. This is not right and it's not a way to treat people that are disabled and need a wheelchair to get around. I got my home Healthcare company, Capri Home Care involved. And the head of their service department name Jeff got nasty with my home care company and said well you know he can come get his chair and start all over again. That's no way to talk to customers nor to run your business. We can't even get updates on whether the parts of come in yet to repair my chair there's no way I should have to go 3 weeks being stuck in my house with no way to get around to do the basic activities of daily living I need somebody's help to bring light to this issue. Even if they didn't have a loaner chair to give me they have contacts within the industry they should call around and find somebody that's got a little chair so that I am not left stranded these are the same people that sold me this chair 3 years ago and I have had nothing but problems with it since. Medicare paid $5,600 for the chair and they have spent at least twice that in repairs in the last 3 years. I'm asking for help because I'm at my wit's end and I'll do whatever it takes to help. I just wanted a loaner chair that's all I was asking for while mine was being repaired. I have manual but it hurts to use it and is not safe for me. Every time my home care company calls M &S they get voicemail and no return.calls. if you can help I would greatly appreciate it. I live alone with my therapy dog and need my independence back and my dignity. Sincerely, Louis Vennell(727-515-8257)
    They are located @ 618 Ware Blvd in Tampa
    813-621-2001 Owner Manuel Santos
  • 2900 68th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Several pieces of old furniture, garbage (including perishable) are stored in front of this house for last several days. Garbage is on the ground, garbage bin's lids are open; all of this attracts rodents, rats are running around immediate area. Wind is blowing pieces of garbage onto the neighbors properties. Multiple cars are parked on the driveway and on the front lawn of this house again. Constant traffic, careless driving, noise, inappropriate language comes from this house. Neighbors, including kids,   are exposed to all this nonsense. This property turned into a doss-house. It should be stopped.
  • Pothole Archived
    600 64th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, FL - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Per CSR to Stormwater - Depression near Catch basin in front of 600 64th Ave S - If not Stormwater issue please fwd to Wastewater.
  • 7135 14th St S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Van is parked on yard 24x7 with usually one or two other vehicles also on yard
  • 1618 Pinellas Point Dr S Saint Petersburg Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Reported depression in my backyard at 1618 PP Dr. My fence is down due to Irma and I cannot repair fence until hole is filled. I have a pool so the missing fence is a liability. My initial request was a year ago, so this needs attention.
  • 6750 7th St S St. Petersburg, FL - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association

    Damaged curb along property line of 6750 7th St S.

    Cracked concrete/cement (especially where driveway ends). Cracks/dips create gap between street and property driveway. Water puddle and some overgrown weeds also coming through the cracks. Reference image attached.

  • 2540 61st Ave S St Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Foreclosure is not listed in foreclosure registry list online. Violates ordinance 48 H. Fence is broken to neighbors, gate is open so everyone and especially children can access the property. Pool is neglected and a health hazard. C safe also with sharp metal sticking out. Children that access the property could be hurt.
  • 1054 58 Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    This resident CONTINUALLY puts junk out curbside and DOES NOT call for collection, and junk sits for days and into weeks.. Resident has been reported on numerous times and we have asked the city to PROPERLY notify this resident to get junk collected in reasonable amount of time. WHICH HAS NOT BEEN DONE!
    AGAIN we are asking the city to NOTIFY THIS RESIDENT of proper codes on this violation!!!
    It's time for this resident to be FINED!!
    This is an eye sore in our neighborhood, and the city NEEDS TO ENFORCE
  • 6749 29th Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Boat trailer in driveway