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  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    6900 22nd Way S Saint Petersburg FL 33712, United States - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Dried up mulch taking place of more than 50% of green grass for yard This isn't a desert There are codes for mulching the yard
  • 1889-1901 Pinellas Point Dr S St. Petersburg, FL 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Landscaping Bushes are blocking the majority of the bicycle lane on Pinellas Point Dr forcing cyclists into automobile traffic. Address is 1889 Pinellas Point
  • 2968 60 Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Pest Control Lawn Service being operated out of rented home in res. neighborhood. "Forever Green of Forida" Commercial vehicle parked on street blocking road access and driveways. Pest control vehicle with chemicals/100 gallon chem tank. Taking commercial deliveries from "Florida Ag Chem" tracktor trailor that blocks neighbors driveways.
  • Greater Pinellas Point St Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    There are insects building nests under the slide at the playground in Maximo park, when children go down the slide closest to the swings, they disturb the nest and get stung. and the ants are biting children.
  • 1900 54th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    The branches on 54th Avenue South in front of Osprey Pointe Apartments exceed the sidewalk forcing walkers, runners and bikers on to busy 54th Avenue South. Location is closest to 54th Ave South and Lakewood Drive right in front of the apartments. My son almost got hit by a car trying to avoid the bushes after being forced onto the street. Please cut this back ASAP before someone gets seriously injured or killed.
  • Other Acknowledged
    1900 Serpentine Drive South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    There is an unacceptable machine noise / vibration emanating from the sewer system, which actually vibrates the slab of my house and creates a low level machinery hum in my house (the soundbox effect). It's loud, incessant, and prevents sleep.
  • 2828 Pinellas Point Dr S St. Petersburg, FL 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Yet again yard overgrown. Thanks.
  • 620-698 54th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Corner 6th st south and 54th ave s. Food truck illegally parks on sidewalk. This is not a commercial district and these people set up an eatery every other day and almost every weekend
  • 768 Pinellas Point Drive South Saint Petersburg, FL - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Several dips and uneven areas through this block.
  • 6400 16th St S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    My neighbors at 6445 16th St. S. St. Petersburg 33705 moves in last summer and every since has consistently had all kinds of junk, building materials, and garbage stored in his yard as well as parking trucks and cars in his front yard. I also think they may be remodeling their home but I see no building permits posted in the window or doors. Please assist with this horrible eyesore.
  • Graffiti Archived
    More graffiti, refer to report 2019-050577. Dumpster, building, parking lot. Profanity, etc.
  • 2162 Serpentine Cir S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    I have contacted the Mayor's Action Center by phone twice today (July 16th) to ask to speak with and meet with the city manager responsible for the response to the large hydraulic fluid spill from a city garbage truck that occurred on July 15th. I have asked for that manage to call me twice through the action center and once on his voice mail. I also asked that he come down to the location and tour the spill site. I wish to ask the manage what else the city intends to do to remediate the now heavily stained Pink Concrete streets, and also to discuss why the city's response to the spill, which discharged to storm water drains and Tampa Bay, was so inadequate. The number of personnel that responded was inadequate, and they did not have the equipment needed to control and minimize the impact of the spill, which extended for approximately a quarter of a mile through our neighborhood. There are now areas of heavily stained Pink Concrete along the road way that will continue to express oil when it rains directly impacted the bay, and degrades the appearance of the neighborhood. The Pin k Streets were repaired in the 1990s with new Pink Concrete with the incremental cost (over the cost of repaving with asphalt) to the residents. I was one of those residents and paid roughly $2,000 for the concrete streets. It is a unique characteristic of the neighborhood, and the source of its name. More needs to be done to remediate the damage done by the spill. One of the largest areas of heavy staining is adjacent to the entrance to my driveway, which may also result staining to the brick pavers in my driveway. Others along the spill path face the same prospect. Finally, leaving heavy hydraulic oil staining on a street that is frequently used by cyclists, skaters and walkers will create a safety issue when the surface gets wet from rain and an oil slick forms over and near the stains. Bottom line, I expected to hear back from the City today, and for the appropriate City manager to come down to our neighborhood to tour the area and explain what else the City is going to do in response to its spill. I also want to know more about the City's spill response plan, its team, its resources and whether or not the City has under contract a professional spill response company. I am an experienced expert in the environmental field, and the response mounted by the City to this consequential spill of a hazardous material that did, in fact impact Tampa Bay was not, and continues to be, inadequate. I expect to receive a call from the appropriate City Manager tomorrow at 813-340-3193 followed by that manager coming to the neighborhood to tour the spill area with me, and to inform our neighborhood of the additional steps the city will take to clean up its spill. Steve Walker 813-340-3193