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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    301–363 11th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Historic Old Northeast
    The valet service at the North Ward School is parking their over flow cars along 3rd St between 10th Avenue North and 13th Avenue North. The valets are running up and down the alley between 11th and 12th Ave N and along 3rd St. They shouldn’t be using public parking spaces for commercial purposes. They are also driving at high rates of speed down both directions in the alley.
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    2401 1st St Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Excessive speeding on 1st st n from 22nd ave n to 30th ave n. 25mph speed limit needs enforcement. Traffic slowing devices stop signs or traffic humps. Even city busses speed on 1st st.
  • 141 26th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast

    There have been multiple permits filed by builder Taralon Homes and most recently by us as private residents to remove an old decayed looking pine from a property being built on at 133 26th Ave N and leaning on our property at 141 26th Ave N. The tree is leaning toward our garage and has dropped a limb on the top of our car and caused over 1200 in damages to our vehicle. We are forced now to park on the street taking up more parking space from neighbors. The tree has also dropped another limb and has now damaged the rain gutters on our garage denting them. The tree is leaning and in heavy storm conditions could potentially snap and cause even further damages. The city arborist is refusing to allow the builder to remove the tree now located about 5 feet from the footers of the foundation of a brand new home being built. The owners of this new home want it removed and we do to. We were even willing to pay for part of the removal even though the tree is not on our property just to preserve our property from further damage.

    We filed a permit back on 7/25 and had a women come out and look at the tree. It was mismarked on a site plan on property and we showed her that it is really located on 133 26th Ave N of which a new home is being built. The woman acknowledged it was mismarked and was supposed to get back with Shane ABernathy whom was supposed to get in touch with us. We have called him and to date he has not returned our calls. In the meantime more tree limbs falling and more potential property damage from this unsightly tree.

    We have invested in the city of St Pete to upgrade the area with brand new real estate and beautiful landscaping. We love the beautiful oaks in the neighborhood but this tree is an old pine tree. The needles are everywhere and the limbs falling. WE've spent now 1200 repairing our car roof and can't even park on our parking pad. When does the city stop protecting old nasty trees and recognize that when a property owner is trying to maintain their investment in this beautiful city that we are only asking to remove the tree for safety and property maintainment. We very much wish to remove this unsightly tree and as taxpayers of two brand new homes on this lot that was once dilapidated with an old run down overgrown home with 2 brand new homes that we be allowed to protect and preserve our property as requested. We would like an answer from the city on what will be allowed on this permit and would request that if we aren't allowed to remove it when it falls down perhaps the city will pay our repairs to our new home. Frustrated with St Pete on this issue

  • 225 15th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Short term rental
  • 178-198 9th Avenue Northeast Saint Petersburg Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Large tree is knocked over on its side in this vacant lot along with a large pile of tree limb debris
  • 100 23rd Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Barricades have been on sidewalk at this property for months. Is the sidewalk going to be repiared?
  • 324 11th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    On the NE corner at the intersection on 4th St N at 11th Ave N, there are so many 12-15’ tall advertisement flags/kites on this corner that when you approach 4th St on 11th Ave N driving east it makes it nearly impossible to see south bound traffic on 4th St to safely make a turn. Equally as difficult when turni g from 4th St onto 11th Ave N to see other cars or pedestrians. I could see maybe a single flag for advertisement, but not 2 for the wine shop, 2 for the mortgage company, 3 for Growing Up baby store all on the same corner.
  • 1205 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL - Historic Old Northeast
    There were multiple traffic accidents today in front of store. A car hit the tree in front of the Tropical Smoothie, splitting it in half. Caller would like to see if tree can be removed.
  • 338 21st Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast


    Please resend to Code Enforcement and tell them that termites and termite damage can be seen from street. I do not have access to inside of house. This house is a serious problem for the neighborhood.

  • 136 6th Ave Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Contractor illegally created curb cut and put up no parking signs at construction site.
  • 120 12th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    This property continuing to dump junk and trash in the alley. it has to stop.
  • 243 21st Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    There are so many pot holes on this little dirt patch of road in this ally way, that all-terrain comes to mind and bottom out is a reality. It is to the point now, that four wheel drive is preferred. I am almost tempted not to report it, because the traffic flow from the gas station that the customers used to use all the time and disregarding the sign that says local traffic only is becoming a trickle of unsuspecting victims, to my delight. I dare say if they do pave the road like the rest of the alley is done, we will have faster and more frequent traffic ignoring the local traffic sign posted at both ends of the alley. So maybe you shouldn't fill in the pot holes and allow them to get much bigger and maybe one might get stuck in a pot hole big enough to swallow it whole.