NA - Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association IYO

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  • 217 11th Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    In order to begin construction and get heavy equipment into the lot, the contractor used the claw on an earth mover to claw away branches and other portions of an oak (a laurel oak, I believe) on the street side of the property. The contractor badly damaged the tree and it will likely die. There are no permits or contact information displayed at the construction site. I do not know whether the contractor has a permit to remove an oak tree.
  • 215 16th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast
  • 2296 Coffee Pot Blvd Ne Saint Petersburg FL 33704, United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Hope this is not a fish kill for spilled pollution but it certainly looks like something happened here...
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    635 12th Ave Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Several discarded toilets and sinks in yard of apartment complex. They have been there several weeks and may attract mosquitoes as well as being unsightly.
  • 2175-2199 Coffee Pot Blvd Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    This beautiful poor palm tree is tilting and it may be because of the stop sign that is causing it to lean? Hopefully it can be saved before it's too late.
  • 201 14th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    This is a vacation rental offering short term rental accomodations for less than 7 days. This is a violation of code compliance for length of stays.
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    10th Ave Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Dogs on the beach and in the water at Northshore park. Creates a sanitary and safety issue.
  • 1131 4th Street North Saint Petersburg Florida - Uptown
    There was an accident this morning at 4th N and 12th. A car pulled out into 4th street into the path of a Lexus SUV - seen in the picture. According to what I heard, both drivers noted that the visibility at the intersection was blocked a great deal by the parking very close to the corner. Please take action to make this intersection safer. Perhaps remove the space near the corner?
    The driver that pulled into the traffic on 4th should have been more careful, but the visibility had to be a big factor.
    There was a ticket earlier but it was wrongly archived and marked erroneously as a duplicate of a ticket submitted about a tree causing an accident on 4th. This is NOT the same issue and should be addressed properly. The driver was ok, but this could have been fatal and the City of St Pete really needs to take action on this. That's what this forum is for and I'm sad to see some issues like the original ticket swept under the rug, so to speak.
  • 570 12th Ave Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    pavement breaking up & pot hole
  • 312 11th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Homeowner constantly blocks sidewalk with truck, making it difficult to walk baby stroller and dogs down sidewalk almost daily, and evenings... Constant problem, reported multiple times~
  • 1400 Locust St. Ne St. Petersburg, FL - Historic Old Northeast
    Cannot see oncoming traffic when attempting to turn from 14th Ave NE onto Locust north bound due to overgrown tree in parkway. Has been a problem for some time. Almost got hit by another car just now.
  • 146 6th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    The tenants in 146 6th Ave. NE constantly leave trash and garbage in the alley behind the house. The owner of that tenement house should be cited. Terrier Management cleans it up infrequently but usually it is a mess there. It has been like this for over a month.