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  • 338 21st Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast


    Please resend to Code Enforcement and tell them that termites and termite damage can be seen from street. I do not have access to inside of house. This house is a serious problem for the neighborhood.

  • 324 11th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    On the NE corner at the intersection on 4th St N at 11th Ave N, there are so many 12-15’ tall advertisement flags/kites on this corner that when you approach 4th St on 11th Ave N driving east it makes it nearly impossible to see south bound traffic on 4th St to safely make a turn. Equally as difficult when turni g from 4th St onto 11th Ave N to see other cars or pedestrians. I could see maybe a single flag for advertisement, but not 2 for the wine shop, 2 for the mortgage company, 3 for Growing Up baby store all on the same corner.
  • 8th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    It's a swing and a miss Mayor Kriseman & City Council! This was the dumbest idea yet. Did you EVEN think that most homes in the ONE do not have walkways wide enough to get those atrocious blue recycling containers around to the back of our homes for them to be filled and then to get the back to the CURB when full for pick up??? I am all for recycling and I was paying for it and using it when we used small bins that could fit on our back porch and could be carried out to the curb every week. BUT these things should be in the alley with the trash containers! UNBELIEVABLE! You have just accomplished the exact opposite of what you were planning because you can charge me but come pick up your over sized can and I will just throw what we were recycling in the trash cans in the ALLEY.
  • 234 21st Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Sidewalk is covered by overgrown hedges on house listed for sale for over $1 million.
  • 635 12th Avenue Northeast Saint Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    No court drain off for Court 2. For the past three years this has been an irritating problem that has now become exhausting and completely below the level of the Exceptional City of St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation. Main reason for the sudden worsening of the problem creating the new Landscaping surrounding the courts the landscape beds were re-filled to a higher soil level than prior so that when we do spend an hour to clear the Standing waters to the edges of the court, the water no longer has a place to drain., thus remains accumulated. Needless to say our efforts are in vain. All (3) of the other courts appear to drain fine however, these courts are 100% utilized and rightfully so. Can we please offer some relief if not open dialogue to address the matter. I am positive I could easily gather 40-50 St.Petersburg Citizens/Homeowners too attend. I have included a pic of the conditions of our citizens who have invested money in their own equipment to help move water. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
  • 236 10th Ave Ne St Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Street is a river again. Please fix drainage.
  • 333 16 Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    The side walk has been in disrepair and off limits for over a month following demolition work on the property. It is an eyesore and present a danger to the public.
  • 251 18th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Portable toilet is located in the middle of the sidewalk. Various construction debris is strewn about creating a filthy mess. Does a toilet really need to be in the middle of a neighborhood sidewalk? if there is no other place to locate a toilet, the structure is obviously too large for the lot. I have seen several code enforcement vehicles riding around the neighborhood in the past month or two, yet the toilet remains.Also I have seen no permit data posted in reference to this location for a portable toilet to be located on a public sidewalk.
  • 303 9th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast

    Please fix the broken link between the bicycle lane on 9th Ave N. and the sharrow on 1st St.

    I was intentionally struck by a vehicle on 9th Ave. North while my family and I were returning home from the farmer's market at Williams Park.

    As my family and I were cycling between 3rd Street and 4th Street, a minivan pulled up alongside me on the left, and then intentionally turned hard-right, making contact with me and putting me on the asphalt. If the motorist hadn't struck me, he would have run my wife and 15-month old daughter over.

    Unfortunately, the officer that responded to the scene, Officer A. Bragana 2018-25134, stated that his Sergeant informed him that he could not issue any citation since I was uninjured. I was lucky. I was intentionally targeted because I am a cyclist and was struck with a deadly weapon.

    Please fix this broken linkage in the cycling network. The problem is that between 3rd and 4th Streets, 9th Avenue's cross-section widens from one lane with one row of on-street parking to three-lanes - sending the message to motorists that they are the only users of the street.

    I recommend extending the bike lane along 9th Ave. to 1st. Street and reducing the number of vehicle lanes on 9th Ave. between 3rd Street and 4th Street from three to one.

  • Pothole Archived
    2100 Coffee Pot Boulevard Northeast Saint Petersburg, FL - Historic Old Northeast
    pot hole at turn heading North on Coffee Pot Blvd Ne @ Snell Isle Blvd NE
  • Other Archived
    North Shore Beach Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Noise violation by St Anthony"s Triathalon 7:00 am-8:00 am.4/24/16. The noise was loud enough to disturb residents in the neighborhood and awaken them from sleep.
    No response to call to police non emergency line (no one answered the phone)
  • 216 17th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg 33704 United States - Historic Old Northeast
    216 17th Ave NE is in the process of removing a live oak that was over thirty feet high without a permit. El Cheapo is the landscaping company removing the tree.