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  • 6701 19th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    Property at 6700 19th Street N (Corner of 67th Ave and 19th) never maintains the property, mows, trims the trees, edges, etc. Its a constant eye sore in the neighborhood with a broken down vehicle that looks like it has mold growing in the windshield from sitting for at least 5 years.
  • 1160 75th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    City canal between lake and canal on 77 overgrown. Seems you in the city are quick to site citizens but slow to correct your own property.
  • 1500 77th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33702, United States - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    This house is for sale & is not being maintained. The grass has not been mowed in several months. We have reached out to the real estate company and agent for a resolution. The company assured us it would be taken care of, but to-date this grass is now almost knee high. We’d like this yard to be maintained until it is sold to prevent an increase in bugs/rodents & to improve curb appeal to help sell this home. Thank you!
  • 70th Ave N St Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    The east-west crosswalks at 70th Ave N and MLK are in frequent use by pedestrians go to and from the North Branch libarary and Fossil Park. I've witnessed several incidents of cars turning in front of pedestrians despite the cross signal indicating a ped right-of-way. I would like to see a flashing yellow signal like those further down at Gateway Mall on MLK and on 22nd Ave and Crescent Lake Park. The signage at these two places strongly reminds drivers of the state law, but at ours we have only a couple of week signs. This also a school crossing zone.
  • 2089 63rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    Shed located in front of yard storage shed "may not" be located in the front of property. The set-back of 50' not met with shed to even argue about. Rear of property open without a fence to hinder moving shed. Might even be able to nestle it in without encroaching on the 7.5 foot rear set-back that is allowed. I have been bring this shed issue to the local code enforcement officer for probably a decade now. Had I not been fined for parking in my side yard while on vacation so the city could fix the sewer... even that would not be a issue but the city didnt show for 2 weeks and 3 phone calls forcing me to park my vehicles where they would be safe. So far I am feeling very discriminated against for having had a problem with the school.
  • 7219 Organdy Dr N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    These people moved into the neighborhood about a month ago in the middle of the night. Since then there has been 2 vehicles parked on the lawn, as well as, a trailer of riding lawn mower equipment occasionally. In the mornings there is almost always a worker's vehicle from some company parked right in front of their driveway, which is straight across from my driveway, that inhibits me being able to drive out to go to work in a normal fashion. This morning I had to physically ask that they move the truck so I could go to work. There is also junk on the front lawn and in their doorway along with a patio table laying on the lawn. There is a commercial trailer always parked in the driveway and a hot tub sitting in the driveway, as well. All of this is unsightly and definitely an eye sore to the neighborhood. There are so many people in and out of that house like they are running a business out of it that I am not sure who even lives there to even ask that they remove the vehicles out of my driveway's way so that I am able to get in and out properly without hitting something. This has gone on for about a month now and I think it is time someone addressed this as all of this looks trashy.
  • 1553 76th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33702, United States - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    Drain outside my house does not drain water and needs to be cleaned/serviced
  • 7252 Onyx Dr N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    furniture placed outside at curb 4 days ago. apparently they don't know to call and have picked up. looks trashy.
  • 6949 17th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    Garbage sitting in drive way for sometime.
  • 7062 21st St N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    low hanging trees in roadways, I own a RV and its impossible to drive down 21st, 20th st, and 63 ave behind St Pete Christian school some are low as 8 ft in areas.. to my knowledge they should be 14.5 feet so a fire truck can pass under, please see pics ate from my pick up truck any questions please contact myself , Thank you..
  • 1130 Kingsboro Avenue North - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    House (vacant) in foreclosure for several years, lawn needs maintenance.
  • 7387 18th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33702, United States of America - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    This is my third request for this hole at the end of my driveway to be fixed. It is now a gully that collects water and bangs my car suspension every time I pull in the driveway. Soon I will be requesting repairs for my struts! PLEASE FIX NOW