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  • Street Hazard Archived
    2401 Polk St Houston 77003, United States - East End
    Cars frequently use area around intersection as parking, causing for one lane to be blocked. This causes congestion at intersection. You can see the black Honda SUV in the photo has used the right lane as a parking space. The City should install no parking signs and ticket cars that block the lane.
  • 98–102 Chartres St Houston 77002, United States - East End
    Garbage and waste is everywhere. Pizza boxes are littered throughout. The area is unsanitary. Illegal camping.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Columbia Tap Rail-Trail Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
  • 800-866 St Emanuel St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    sewer is backing up in the street, driveway and inside commercial business
  • 906 Hutchins St - East End
    900 Hutchins blocking the tow away sign
  • 2719 Rusk St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    Very over grown field that is making the minimal sidewalk that is there basically unusable. Not only does the field need to be cut, but the sidewalk needs to be rebuilt.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2501 Dallas St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    Abandoned Car
  • Other Acknowledged
    2888 Rusk Street Houston, TX 77003, United States of America - East End
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    2223 Dallas St Houston, TX, 77003, USA - East End
    Oil substance leaking onto sidewalk.
  • 554-598 Emancipation Avenue Houston, Texas - East End
    The traffic lights on this intersection are terribly inefficient. We use this daily and we're constantly sitting at the lights (going both North and South) while there is NO traffic using the intersection for several minutes going crossways (East-West). The traffic lights here need to be re-adjusted very carefully, as the light rails also run across this intersection. I wholly support having light rail and public transportation but really, do we have to wait such a long time for the trains to cross, in addition to nonexistent cross traffic? With the development of the East End, many people now use this road to get to work in the morning, and back home in the evening. There's often a clog in traffic going south between Texas and Harrisburg blvd too. Please fix this!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3201 Lamar St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
  • 2504–2598 Lamar St Houston 77003, United States - East End

    Violation of noise ordinance Sec. 30

    Sound nuisance shall mean any sound which either exceeds the maximum permitted sound levels specified in section 30-2, or for purposes of sections 30-4 and 30-6, otherwise unreasonably disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others within the limits of the city.

    ROC construction site has defective security alarm sounding randomly and loudly at all hours of day and night. This is disturbing the peace of all residents in proximity. Issue has been reported for almost a week and no action had been taken by the city. Immediate action is required to abate the noise violation.