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Westville to Edgewood Park and up to SCSU.

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  • 285 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Dwight

    The dumpster that Mandy Management has provided for the apartment building at the corner of Edgewood and Sherman is far too small for the number of units in the building. As a result, trash is often overflowing, and ends up littering the block.

    A larger dumpster (or a second dumpster, or more frequent emptying of the dumpster) needs to be provided.

  • Goffe Terrace New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Goffe Terrace directly after the Boulevard needs to be plowed. Currently it is a 1 lane road which is dangerous to maneuver because it is on a hill. It will be extremely difficult for buses to pass on with the start of school tomorrow.
  • Parks Request Archived
    Brownell Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    What happened to the plaque that used to be on the pedestal underneath this statue? Why was it not replaced for memorial day?
  • 359 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    I know the police are busy but its ridiculous that we are allowing people to destroy this park by putting their cars on it, consider the environmental hazard of oil leaking into the grass area as well.

    It is a daily occurrence that I am seeing cars parked on the public green area that divides the two directions of Edgewood ave, the issue happens in the evenings. This is unacceptable especially considering taxpayers pay to maintain this property.

    If there is not enough parking in the area then maybe the zoning needs to be looked at as far as the rental properties.

  • 1427 Ella Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    There are loud, unlicensed, not street-legal dirt bikes going up and down Boulevard doing wheelies. This happens all the time!!! It is dangerous and loud and I wish something could be done about it!!!
  • 372 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Cars illegally parked on Edgewood avenue mall
  • Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    While riding in the bike lane eastbound on Edgewood Blvd this morning at 8:25, a CT Transit Bus Driver (Q3, Bus#347) tried to run me down by veering into the bikelane I was in and running me into parked cars. He WAS NOT pulling up to a busstop at the time. At the next redlight, I pulled up to the left of the bus (now stopped at a busstop) and told(his window was open) the driver to allow more room when passing cyclists. He laughed and told me to get off the road. This is actually an ongoing issue with this particular driver. I've been on his bus before when he has done the same thing to other cyclists. I've asked him directly to be more courteous to cyclists, and called the incidents into CT Transit, but have never had anyone follow up.
  • 1609 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    I've been living in Beaver Hill for a couple years now. I often use Goffe Terrace as a commute for work. It has happened to me twice in one day while going through the light at the intersection of Ella Grasso Blvd and Goffe-driving down Goffe Terrace that I almost was hit by the car coming through the Blvd intersection as the the Goffe light was already GREEN. This is a very dangerous intersection for people NOT paying attention to the light being red while the other is GREEN. The cars going down the Blvd are driving fast and could case a large amount of damage to another driver and/or pedestrian. PLEASE make this a safer intersection. It is very close to family communities, schools, and OTHER DRIVERS.
  • 452 Crescent St New Haven, CT 06511 - Southern CT State University
    It would be nice if DPW could routinely sweep out the bike lane in Crescent. Every time I bicycle here, I seem to end up in the auto lane because the bike lane is always full of gravel, dirt, and glass.
  • Traffic/Road Safety Acknowledged
    432 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood

    This intersection has seen *three* crashes in just over a week: 7/28, 8/5, & just now 8/8. These are just the ones I've been home to witness the aftermath. At least one was very severe involving a motorcycle & car, & I don't know if the motorcyclist survived. In my eight years of living here, crashes at this intersection are commonplace. No hyperbole-- crashes here happen with scary frequency.

    It is clear, but I'd like the data to back up my assertion (who keeps crasj statistics?), that this traffic signal -- a blinking yellow on Edgewood and a blinking red on Edgewood-- is completely ineffective.

    The city can no longer wait. We need immediate attention & intervention at this intersection. How many more crashes & potential fatalities are necessary before action?

  • 1456 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    This is less of a store and more of a private party. "Customers" hang out in and around the store drinking and talking with the employees. Sometime it spills over to the parking lot across the street.

    The store has only been there a few months and it's getting really bad. This was a very unwelcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • 162-170 Norton Pkwy New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Norton is more than wide enough for bike lanes (road diet) in each direction. The primary benefit is that narrowing the vehicle travel lanes in this way would help calm traffic.