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  • 2509 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    Alleyway potholes. 4 very large and very deep potholes in Alley between 2509 and 2515 E Broad Street. Holes are in excess of 6 inches deep and hold standing water. During summer they breed mosquitoes. During winter they are frozen over and slick with ice. At all times they make vehicle passage through alley extremely difficult and dangerous. These are also hazardous to pedestrians walking through the alley.

    This has been an issue for more than 4 years and has been reported numerous times to the city. The potholes are now so deep that the water filling them is seeping through the ground and causing damage to the basement of Belfry Condominiums. The city needs to take responsibility and fix this problem NOW.

  • 200 244 N 31st St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    AGAIN, the parks maintenance people have LOCKED this trashcan to the inside of the fence and have not emptied it for weeks. Once again, it is overflowing. We were pushing it to the street each week to have it emptied, but in their wisdom the P&R guys decided to lock it so we couldn't do that. They have stopped emptying any trash in that park, solved on the other end by removing the trash cans so that people just put wrappers etc. on the ground.
  • 320 N 25th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Per the Code, dogs shouldn't be heard barking outside of kennels. I can hear dogs barking at all hours of the night outside of this one. Pls fix.
  • 2815 E Broad St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    There is a tree in front of 2815 E Broad St. that is partially dead and in the process of dying. It's dropping fairly large limbs and they're hitting cars parked below. Please inspect for removal.
  • 400-498 N 31st St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    It is confusing that the circles at the 4 intersections around chimborazo elementary school are treated differently. I think it would be safer if all of the directions of traffic entering each circle was required to yield and that each was marked with neon school crossing signs as in the picture from 31st and Marshall. Consistent signage should help drivers move through the intersections more safely.
  • 2611-2699 East Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    I submitted this request back on 5/20, and was told the "concern has been received and forwarded to the Department of Public Works (CRS# 20020899201) so that proper inspection and handling can take place accordingly." The issue still exists and has not been resolved.

    Original Issue: The city came and repaired the southern sidewalk on Marshall Street started at 27th street, leading up to the ballast-stone alleyway entrance behind the houses. They stopped at the alley and now it collects an enormous amount of water. We are required to cart our trash cans over that puddle, which is worsening with each rain. Would like get the city to level that alleyway, reset the ballast stone and help the alleyway drain properly.

  • 3000 East Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Furniture, mattresses and chairs dumped on sidewalks. Help clean this up the kids can't ride their bikes around it and right in front of a school!
  • 2505 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The entire strip of Eastbound Broad Street from 2501 E. Broad to 2509 E. Broad needs to be torn up and repaved. The major pothole in front of Proper Pie has been fixed THREE times in as many months. How many times is this going to be "repaired" before it is done right. A patch that lasts for less than 2 weeks is unacceptable, an embarrassment, and dangerous. Pictures attached taken last week. Hole has gotten bigger and deeper. There is now even an article about this potholes in Church Hill People's News.
  • 230 N. 32nd Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    There is sinkhole forming in the alley behind 230 & 232 N. 32nd Street. I think this may be a leaking sewer pipe. Picture attached.
  • 606 N. 31st Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    I understand that this property is owned but it is vacant. We moved in next door on June 1, 2013 (almost a year ago). Since that time 606 N. 31st property has been vacant and we have never seen the owner.
    This property is structurally unsound--it is leaning in the back. It also has broken siding and holes in the siding in which birds and other animals are nesting right now. A piece of siding came down last week and hit my wife in our backyard (only 3 feet separate our houses). The roof is also in total disrepair with shingles coming off and onto our roof every time there is a windstorm or heavy rain. We are also very concerned that this house is a fire hazard.
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    2216 E Broad Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    This property is a constant mess. They have not put their trash cans out for collection in three weeks and it is spilling over into the alley causing trash to blow all across the block and attracting pests not mention it looks horrible and smells just as bad. This is in the heart of our Church Hill historic district non the less. Not to mention the building has several tenants and they only have one trash can that isn't even in its proper place. Tired of constantly picking up after these folks! Please do something about them! They don't pull their weeds or remove snow when it has snowed - which is a city requirement.
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    102 North 27th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    There has been a significant and dangerous increasing in speeding on Franklin Street between 29th street and 25th street. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic (including children and pets) in this area due to Libby Hill Park. The speeding is largely due to a lack of four-way stop signs, which both Grace and Broad Street have as speeding deterrents. People are also using Franklin as a cut through when traveling from Fulton or Varina to the downtown area as a way to avoid the traffic on Main Street. Four-way stop signs need to be put in place at 28th and Franklin and 26th and Franklin to slow the traffic. These are the same streets where there are four-way stops on Grace and Broad. Please vote on this issue to encourage the City to take action.