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    3111 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Front porch brick supporting the pillar has no mortar. Bricks are freely loose. Wooden support post on the same corner is barely attached to the porch roof. Porch roof is excessively sagging and looks extremely unstable. This appears to be in violation of Building Code 304.1 that states "Front porch construction was started over a month ago and abandoned. Railing is not attached to proch and has been sitting in the front yard since abandonment. A plastic tarp drapes the entire front porch and is weighed down with bricks in an apparent attempt to protect the wood. This is causing excessive blight to the block and seems to violate Code 304.1 General that explicitly states "The exterior of a structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary..." and Code 304.4 "Structural members. All structural members shall be maintained free from deterioration, and shall be capable of safely supporting the imposed dead and live loads" as the porch is unsound and in immenent danger of collapse. Issue creating excessive blight to block.
    Furthermore, somehow (or someone) has opened. The bottom window has been raised and is now allowing the elements and animals to enter the property. Please have this corrected.
  • 2211 Jefferson Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Union Hill
    The timing of the lights at this intersection changed about a week ago. It now allows only 2-3 cars through the intersection before the light changes. This is WAY too fast of a change, especially during commute times.
  • 2824 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The business at 2824 E Broad St. is storing grease barrels as well as trash containers on the city sidewalk. As a conditional of approval of the Special Use Permit for this business, all trash containers are to be stored behind the fenced area in the REAR of the building--not on the sidewalk. Please have them remove these from public view.
  • 3111 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Abandoned property. The property has been left unattended for years. The front porch piling is on the verge of collapse along with the porch detaching from the main structure.
  • 420 N 26th St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Two cars non-operable. Red Ford Explorer on jack stands and white Lincoln continental on jack stands also. Lincoln does not have license plates and has not moved in over a year. Please stop letting this slide. I've been complaining for months. Nothing has been done. They take up half the block. FIX THIS ISSUE.
  • 2600 E Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Green Chrysler Minivan has been sitting on the street for 6 months. It is missing license plates and stickers. The cops came by and put a bright pink sticker on it. According to that sticker, it was supposed to be towed last week. Someone tried to scrape the sticker off but hasn't tried to move the car OR put on plates and stickers.
  • Libby Hill Park Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The grass is completely overgrown. "The view that named the City" should be maintained despite budget issues. This is a major tourist attraction. This view will leave a frown on people's faces. Shame on the City.
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    Marshall Street At N. 20th Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    The no parking sign on the north side of Marshall Street is missing, and cars are parking along that side of the street almost to N. 21st. There is not enough room on the street for them.

    Also, please enforce the no parking zones in this area. More often than not, people park all the way to the corners (despite no parking signs) at this intersection, making turning onto Marshall hazardous because you can't see. There is a fair amount of traffic here because of the school.

  • 2821 East Grace Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Supposedly there was a water leak and the owner opened the windows and put a fan in to air it out. Over six months later the windows are still open, the fan is still running and rain and snow enter the dwelling. Owner lives in west end, assures neighbors that he will fix up house, but it continues to deteriorate. It used to be a completely restored and habitable house. Now the issue of habitation is beginning to be questioned. The neighbors pick up mail (mostly junk mail and newspapers) in an effort to keep it clean. Homeless people and/or varmints could move in easily, as the windows are open both front and back.
  • M Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Motor vehicles, boats, and campers are continually parked "Within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection" after the installation of the traffic circles impeding the flow of traffic. See, Richmond Code Sec. 102-222.
  • 507 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The root of the tree in the city tree well has broken the bricks in the sidewalk in front of my house. I stepped on these loose bricks this past Saturday and Quite literally broke my foot. I would rather nobody else be injured as a result of these unsafe and displaced sidewalk bricks.
  • 2201 - 2207 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    This is the second time I've reported that the trash and recycle bins are consistently left out on the sidewalk by 2201, 2205 and 2207 East Broad Street residents. This has been an ongoing issue for months. Please address.