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  • 502 North 28th Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    yard debris, wood fencing debris
  • Libby Hill Park Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The grass is completely overgrown. "The view that named the City" should be maintained despite budget issues. This is a major tourist attraction. This view will leave a frown on people's faces. Shame on the City.
  • 217 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Citizen request pickup of mattress, box spring and cardboard boxes located in front of this location. Originally reported on 6/4/13
  • Potholes Archived
    500 N 29th St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Giant hole at base of light post.
  • 2201 - 2207 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    This is the second time I've reported that the trash and recycle bins are consistently left out on the sidewalk by 2201, 2205 and 2207 East Broad Street residents. This has been an ongoing issue for months. Please address.
  • 2600 E Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Green Chrysler Minivan has been sitting on the street for 6 months. It is missing license plates and stickers. The cops came by and put a bright pink sticker on it. According to that sticker, it was supposed to be towed last week. Someone tried to scrape the sticker off but hasn't tried to move the car OR put on plates and stickers.
  • Other Archived
    521 N. 24th St. Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Corner of 24th and Leigh, yet another huge puddle going right up to front porch and extending into street. City said it was fixed, but it is not. Merry Christmas! Water for everyone!
  • Other Archived
    23rd And Jefferson Ave Richmond, Virginia - Union Hill

    A traffic sign needs to be displayed at the circle. There appears to be some confusion for persons wanting to make a left turn off of 23rd onto Jefferson going towards Broad street. Instead of going around the circle, some turn left avoiding the circle. Those going around the circle are almost hit by persons making a right onto Jefferson going towards Broad Street. They are not yielding to drivers in the circle.

    If this is confusing I just imagine the confusion for drivers. It's an accident waiting to happen.

  • 3100-3198 East Clay Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Bulk trash lying beside sidewalk needs pickup
  • Other Archived
    602 N. 29th Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    The trash can on the corner of N. 29th and Leigh Street is in bad shape and an eye sore for the retail businesses on the corner.
  • 513 N 28th Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    Street light in front of 513 N 28th Street is out. Sometimes it flickers on but quickly goes out again.
  • 215 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    This house has a non CHA and historic Richmond plaque of the front of its house. It does not match the other CHA plaques in the neighborhood.

    Please have citizen to take down the plaque and order a proper one from Historic Richmond Foundation. If everyone made a makeshift plaque without doing the proper research that is conducted by the Historic Richmond Foundation then these neighborhood plaques do not mean anything and their authenticity cannot be trusted.

    Here is a link to the CHA page and Historic Richmond Foundation page: