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  • 1013-1041 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT 06519, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    I bicycle pretty much anywhere, but I have to admit that I feel pretty shook up whenever I ride on Boulevard. Paving a trail in West River Memorial Park alongside the road, combined with crosswalk improvements, would both make Boulevard a complete street and add significantly to New Haven’s greenway trail network.
  • 240 Cedar Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03

    The Marchigian Club, as an organization, have consistently been terrible neighbors. The building sits dark and quiet most of the year, though they seem to run a business renting parking across from the Yale School of Nursing, and to hold the occasional fraternal event inside.

    A few points:

    - The sidewalk out front is always strewn with trash, which accumulate in an unkept strip of grass.

    - They do not keep up with foliage on their property which over-grow to the sidewalk (at the moment, the sidewalk is entirely impassable due to a bush growing through their fence.)

    - They are always slow to clean the snow from the walk, and when they do, they clear the gravel from their parking lot into the street, and in a pile on the sidewalk across the street.

    - At the times they do hold an event, the police who attend park on the sidewalks, double-park, and generally act recklessly with their vehicles.

    I am not sure who to direct this to, but for anyone representing the city, please see that the Club is made aware of these offences and that they are made to accord to all the standards of those they share the neighborhood with (maybe don't use Yale Nursing as an example, though.)

  • College Street And Congress Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03

    This ticket was opened from a previous one : Issue ID: 2164863
    "Intersection used to have a small "yield to pedestrians" sign in the middle of the walkway crossing College. It is now gone, I think to allow easier snow plowing. Now the intersection is extremely dangerous and nearly impossible for pedestrians to cross. There is no other sign and no light, so cars choose to never stop. It was bad enough with the sign, but without it the intersection has become almost uncrossable."

    Is this crosswalk, as it is a long one and part of a long block (South Frontage to Congress) be amenable to a solar pedestrian crossing signal like the one in front of Smilow? There are no trees at this intersection (see image)

  • 220 S Frontage Rd New Haven, CT - New Haven - Ward 03
    Every Wednesday, I go to the train station a bit before 12noon. When I drive on SOUTH FRONTAGE road, between York and College Street, as I pass the Child Study Center, I come upon many police cars parked ON SOUTH FRONTAGE, both sides of the street. Obviously, they have a regular meeting at the Child Study Center, which is laudable, but it is absolutely an obstacle course as 4 lanes are narrowed to 2 bc of the illegal cops' parking and it is dangerous. I have worked at the medical campus for over 20 years, doing laudable things too and have to come and go multiple times in a day and I know there is little parking. As a student with no money, I used to park many blocks away in the Hill and walk through the streets littered with crack and heroin bags. My car was regularly broken into, the radio ripped from the dash until I stopped replacing it, etc. How I would have loved to just park on SOUTH FRONTAGE Road! I now pay a significant amount to buy a parking space in a Yale-owned garage. Sometimes that means a 10-15 min walk each way from my garage to my meeting place, just for a one hour meeting. I can not just park my car on SOUTH FRONTAGE Road bc I do not want to walk a long distance. It is dangerous to park on SOUTH FRONTAGE, which is why neither my fellow Yale employees nor I can park there. Officers, even if it is a one hour meeting and you are on the job, please find LEGAL and SAFE parking places somewhere. The Air rights garage is directly across from the Child Study Center - this would give officers easy access to their vehicles in case of emergency (the ground level is largely vacant of cars).
  • 733 Howard Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - New Haven - Ward 03

    The entirety of Howard Ave below Frontage Road on the way through the Hill is incredibly unsafe for cyclists. Motorists speed, fail to stop at red lights, throw trash onto the road. The entire right lane is made of potholes! This whole lane should be repaved.

    And what of these rumors that the city has promised to create a bike lane on Howard Ave? Many cyclists as well as drivers use this road on their daily commute, and yet it looks like it hasn't been repaired in many long years.

    Please fix the potholes! Please consider striping a bike lane! Please find ways to get motorists to slow down! Please clean up the heavily littered road (I've seen hypodermic needles lying in the gutter)!

  • 200 Orchard Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    Even after the campaign was warned again about the $250 fine yesterday they but up 3 more signs on the corner of Orchard and Frontage Rd. All the other signs have not been removed yet. PW needs to start fining.
  • speeders! Archived
    328 South Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 06519 - Dwight
    Traffic heading onto the highway speed everyday, putting cross walkers at risk. Could there be a pedestrian bridge built ?
  • 1123 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    The pedestrian signal to cross 6-lane Ella Grasso Boulevard at this location is 20 seconds, which is more than 4 feet of crossing distance per second. The standard for areas in which children and seniors are present is 3 or maximum 3.5 feet per second of crossing time. This intersection is directly adjacent to Barnard School and is an important access point for West River Memorial Park. The ped signal should be timed to at least 25-30 seconds.
  • 20 York And Cedar Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    Why aren't the no smoking signs enforced? Everyone just lights up at this corner and you navigate a sea of smoke to walk thru. I'd hate to be a patietn there with an allergy when employees and visitors just stand there and light up. No police enforcement by NH or Yale. so why bother with the signs
  • 60 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03

    With the ongoing construction in the area, it's especially important for safety for the pedestrian signals at the intersections of College and South Frontage, and College and North Frontage, to function properly.

    The pedestrian signals at the SW and SE corners of College and South Frontage are broken - their "push to cross" buttons do not work when pressed. This forces many pedestrians to simply run across the intersection while dodging cars. Please fix the "push to cross" buttons.

    The "push to cross" buttons are also broken on all 3 pedestrian signals at the intersection of College and North Frontage (NW, NE, and SE corners). Those 3 signals currently operate "automatically," i.e., allowing pedestrians to cross North Frontage when cars are stopped there, and allowing pedestrians to cross College Street when cars are stopped there. However, even then, the signals are "out of sync": The pedestrian signals turn "red" long before the corresponding traffic light changes color. Please fix the "push to cross" buttons, and/or make it so the pedestrian signals are "in sync" with the traffic lights. Thanks!

  • 200-238 Derby Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    There is a large fallen tree blocking the flow of the West River just below Derby Avenue. It is collecting a huge amount of trash, and also blocks canoe access in this area.
  • Camera needed Acknowledged
    York And South Frontage - New Haven - Ward 03
    Cars on Frontage routinely run the red light at high speed We need a camera that identifies them and sends tickets to their owners, or an officer that tickets them on the spot. This should pay for itself in a few weeks and would make us all safer.