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  • 550 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    The fountains in front of City Hall are overflowing and there is water all over the plaza, the steps, the lawns adjacent to the fountains, and down onto the sidewalks. There's far too much water flowing far too hard for the capacity of the fountain.
  • 59 69 Jewell St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown

    As much as I might believe that tetanus helps children build character, I'm pretty sure that 4 out of 5 mothers would disagree with me.

    There is a rather large, sharp, pointy, rusted out piece of equipment on the playground in Bushnell Park next to the carousel. Can we get this either repaired or covered? If not for the kiddies, at least so that the City does not end up getting sued. My taxes are high enough, thanks.

  • 300 Columbus Boulevard Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    at the exit and the entrance of Founders Bridge(Rt2) where it meets Columbus Blvd, there a many large and deep pot holes. This needs to be address they have been there for nearly a year and are only getting worse.
  • Farmington Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    Starting from Prospect and Farmington Ave, all the way to Sigourney and Farmington Ave, the roads have been terrible. The whole street needs to be repaved. The streets feel like a wave, and creates damage to our vehicles. Not to mention that this creates more issues with traffic, since drivers attempt to avoid the potholes and raised structures. It has been an ongoing issue, and HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED. We as residents have to pay high car property taxes, the least you can do is fix Farmington ave.
  • 100 Pearl St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    There used to be a "please stop for pedestrians" type sign in the middle of the road on Pearl St just between Lewis St and 100 Pearl. I haven't seen it since 2 weeks ago, and was wondering if someone will put it back? It held back cars maybe 75% of the time, but without it crossing is quite dangerous, especially in rush hour. Thanks!
  • 2-32 Morgan Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    at this intersection of Morgan & Trumbull (heading west), there are four lanes of travel. midway down the block, there is a sign indicating that the leftmost lane is for turning left onto Trumbull (towards the Hilton), the left middle lane heads onto the I84 entrance ramp, the right middle lane goes onto Chapel St North, and the rightmost lane can either go onto Chapel St North or turn right onto Trumbull.
    The PROBLEM is that 99% of the time the people in the leftmost lane do not turn left, but head straight onto the entrance ramp (it is directly across from this lane of travel), creating two lanes heading into the same one lane. I have almost died here numerous times. It is extremely dangerous to be in the CORRECT lane because you have to anticipate the car to your left is going to head straight even tho they should be turning.
    The SOLUTION is to put another sign AT THE INTERSECTION informing the left-laners that they must turn left, or paint the directional arrows right onto the pavement so people know the left lane is turn only.
  • 675 Main Street Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Church told us that the city owns the land and snow removal is their responsibility. Pedestrians are reporting icy conditions.
  • Columbus Blvd Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Multiple potholes as you exit founders bridge and turn left onto Columbus blvd. I work at travelers and it's getting worse by the day
  • Union Place Hartford, CT - Downtown

    There is an unreadable, unusable map on the lower, main level of Union Station. The image is so pixelated you can't read street names.

    A couple friends rode the train up from New Haven last weekend and reported this. I've also seen it in person. They came to Hartford to go to the Twain house and had to orient themselves with absolutely no help from this terrible map.

    You see stuff like this in the city and wonder whether anyone is actually serious about ever inviting other people to visit here. Having such a map in place sends a clear and obvious message to 'outsiders' that if you don't already know you're way around, why bother? If iQuilt signs are throughout the city, and it is about walking, then why not at Union Station? These friends, Brits, walked down Farmington to the Twain house with 0 help from the city's infrastructure. Nuts, and what a missed opportunity.

  • 441-471 Main St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Grass was ripped up and replaced with gravel. Trees out front were neglected until they died, were finally removed but never replaced. Poster advertising "coming soon" improvements is years old and false advertising. This property is in a centrally located area and reflects poorly on the city.
  • Exit Off 91n Into Pulaski Circle Hartford Ct - Downtown
    Graffitti on bridges as you enter the city. Also for the past 6 years there's been an unsightly pile of roofing material under the underpass. Time to make those respinsible finish the work or remove the materials. Looks terrible
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 71 Capitol Hartford, CT - Downtown