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  • 185 Ann Uccello Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Rotted light post at the intersection of Asylum and Church.
  • Street signs Acknowledged
    400-438 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    See photo. The signage on the right is missing the "Pay to Park" sign (as shown on the left). Every day I see people park in the three spots next to the pole lacking the "Pay to Park" sign and then come back to a ticket, because while it is clear that there is a 2-hr limit, it's not clear that you have to pay.
  • 185 Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Every single day I see people paying for street parking after 6pm and hear people complaining about having to pay for parking in Hartford. I try to inform them its free after 6pm but the signs only state 2 hour parking 8pm-6pm so it 50-50 if they believe me. Also on the parking authority's websites it is doesn't clearly state that it is free. This is the only place i found that states it's free www.hartford.com/parking. Putting up signs or having the the Meters shut down at 6pm would solve this problem and encourage more people to come to the city. Also its just wrong to 'trick' people into paying for free parking.
  • 2-98 Imlay Street Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill

    Two recently installed handicap parking signs on the east side of Imlay Street (near Farmington Ave) are directly facing the street, rather than facing the direction of traffic like signs usually are (which would make the signs perpendicular to the street).

    Because the signs are facing outward to the street, it is unclear which street parking spots are considered to be in the handicap zone. The signs could be interpreted to mean either (a) 2 parking spots, (b) a wide "zone" of handicap parking that includes 3 spots, or (c) an even wider "zone" of handicap parking that includes 4 spots (see photos and diagram attached).

    Please either (a) rotate the signs to be perpendicular to the street to clearly mark which two spots are handicap spots, or (b) clarify that the two signs are intended to mark a wide "zone" of handicap parking that is intended for more than two cars.

    People are avoiding parking anywhere near the signs because it is ambiguous which zones are handicap spots. Thank you.

  • 391 Main St. Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Corner of Main St. and Capitol Ave. at the Royal Masala Restaurant. Graffiti appeared on the brick building sometime in the last 48 hours.
  • 40 Capitol Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Robberies are frequent on Capitol Ave. Another family was robbed last night at Peppercorns. They said they will not likely return to Hartford and wish Peppercorns was located elsewhere. There are 4 different spots of broken glass. Looks like a war zone. I will try to load all 4 pictures.
  • 55 Trumbull St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    This streetlight has been out for over a year. A few weeks ago, a man was assaulted in this exact spot. I have contacted 311 now 3 times (most recent seeclickfix #109502), and I reported it to CL&P directly twice. This is a serious safety issue.
    How do we get anything done in the city of Hartford if we cannot fix a streetlight?
  • Pothole Archived
    Whitehead Highway Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Taking Whitehead highway east and going under the overpass there are dozens of potholes.. no way to avoid them and it cause people to brake abruptly
  • Whitman Court Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Furniture - couch, etc - left on sidewalk
  • Sidewalks Archived
    One American Row Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Sidewalk is in need of replacement, rebar is a tripping hazard, south side of State Street, west of Columbus Boulevard, east of pedestrian bridge, adjacent to bus stop shelter
  • Pothole Archived
    264 Farmington Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    This pothole is about 1' x 2' and six inches deep (see picture). It blew out my tire and I had to get a new tire!
  • 113-177 Wells Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Walk sign doesn't light up. (Walk button and Don't Walk sign both work)