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Hartford Business Improvement District

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  • 152 Kinsley Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    pot hole growing weekly.
  • 1084 1098 Main St Hartford, CT 06120, USA - Downtown
    Cars in the Left turn lane continuing onto Main Street - re-merging unexpectedly into southbound traffic
  • Capitol & Main Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown
    Large manhole cover without proper leveling causes loss of control when turning left from Capitol onto Main St.
  • 52 Pratt St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Traffic light damage
  • 130-204 Pearl Street Hartford Connecticut - Downtown
    Corner of Pearl Street and Haynes Street, downtown Hartford. A good location to install a marked, mid-block crosswalk. Pedestrian ramps already exist on the north side of Pearl Street. Many existing businesses and landmarks are here, including an art gallery, wine bar, a theater, as well as office towers and apartment buildings, all of which generate much pedestrian traffic. This, plus the soon-to-be reopened Goodwin Hotel and its street-level storefront and retail space make a good case for elevating pedestrian access and safety here. An example of what could be can be found just one block north, at Haynes Street and Asylum Street.
  • 7-35 Prospect St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
  • Trumbull And Asylum Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Lots of un-used space here. This is a perfect example where the curb could be extended to tighten turning radius and reduce vehicle speed when entering the intersection. This would cause drivers to pay closer attention to pedestrians, and cross the crosswalk at a right angle, increasing pedestrian safety.

    Great place for a tactical urbanist project that adds paint and flexposts as a temporary measure to achieve the same effect, before budget can be found to make it permanent.

  • 7-14 Marshall St Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    From 7 thru 14 Marshall St (06105--Asylum Hill) several yards around the apt. bldgs and one vacant home are filled with trash/litter -- VERY unsightly to have to walk by daily. Also, why hasn't the vacant house, practically falling down, been condemned and demolished? VERY unsightly and dangerous.
  • Bell Acre Road enfield, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    Pot Hole located on bell acre road enfield ct
  • TrafficLights Archived
    There are 4 consequetive traffic lights that are not sequenced, requires stopping at every intersection.
  • 1 49 Myrtle St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Capitol West Building- Should be torn down-has been an eyesore for years