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  • Trees Archived
    60 Gold Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Per mayor Segarra please use cable to make sure the branch will not fall. Tree is old and to protect stone 1600 under the tree.
  • 330 Laurel St Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    There are street sweeping and trash pickup hours from 7-1 on Thurs. Trash pickup is complete by 8 am and street sweepers never come. When they do, they come at odd, rare hours like 2 am on a Tuesday when cars are parallel parked legally.
  • Lane markings Archived
    2-32 Morgan St Hartford, CT 06120, USA - Downtown
    Lane markings are unclear. 3 lanes are marked to go straight, 1 is for a left turn and the entrance to the highway. People in the 2nd lane from the left often push into the line of cars getting on the highway. If the lanes on the west side of the intersection were remarked it would make it more clear. That or indicate which lane is actually for the highway.
  • 2-42 Linden Place Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown
    Correction - the first pole on the RIGHT.
  • Trash in Pond Archived
    Jewell St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There are several barrels and lots of litter in/on the Lily Pond in Bushnell Park. This could be removed before everything freezes solid.
  • Graffiti Archived
    42 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown
    Yellow spray paint graffiti on Dennis Peabody's property.
  • Parks Archived
    40-88 Trinity Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Can we look into installing Dog waste stations or at least spread the trash cans out more evenly in the park. I see lots of people not cleaning up after their dogs and this might encourage them to do so as well as make the park a more inviting place.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2-10 Spring St Hartford, CT 06105, USA - Asylum Hill
    Graffiti on the side of this already Dilapidated abandoned building. This is directly in front of my home and every vehicle along interstate 84.
  • Street signs Archived
    One American Row Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Two signs, a one way sign and a lane designation sign have been knocked down. Supports sticking out of sidewalk and holes in sidewalk are a tripping hazard. Signs are laid down in planters.
  • Other Archived
    534-600 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    I love these beautiful fountains, but they need to be turned down. they are flooding all over the place.
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    17 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown
    The trash can on this block was removed. This is contributing to the litter problem. You have to
    walk across a busy intersection to find a trash can. There are 3 trash cans within 25 feet of each other at prospect and charter oak ave. Maybe one of those could be moved to the south side of capitol between hudson and main.
  • Bushnell Park Hartford, CT - Downtown
    A stone cap on a small wall next to the carousel was pushed over