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  • 417 Georgia St Vallejo Ca 94590 United States - Vallejo
    Since 2014, tarp over vacant building at entrance to our downtown on Georgia Street. For four years. Can something be done with this eyesore?
  • 100-200 Carolina Street Vallejo California - Vallejo

    I just walked the south sidewalk of the 100 & 200 blocks of Carolina Street and counted (on only one side, of only two blocks) seven vehicles with expired or missing license plates. What a sad example of the complete neglect of the rules of civilized society in our city.

    In that same area, there are city touts out daily ticketing vehicles for overstaying artificially created and barely justified limited parking zones, while vehicles with no legal right to be on our streets, and no certifiable evidence of their safety on the road, are allowed to drive and park without regard. Are we being governed by a city government enforcing the law, or organized criminals, favoring their cohorts, and enforcing a protection racket on everyone else?

  • 1246-1306 Florida Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Railroad Track between Florida and Louisiana Street has litter, debris and homeless encampment. The area seems to be gaining in population the last week so the Railroad company needs to be notified of the mess especially behind the Filipino Center area.
  • 37 Ohio Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Lots of garbage and debris (including a bed boxspring and mattress) on the sidewalk and street.
  • 899 Lemon Street-Sperry Mills Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Fire Hazard, Child Hazard -Sperry Mills. At the entrance of Sperry Mills, there is paint, chemicals,paper, furniture, overgrown weeds, garbage. Guard is gone;gate was left open as of 7-26-16
  • Street Signs Archived
    2833 Tennessee Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    I live across the street from my daughter's school (Vallejo Charter). we cross Curtis, then Tennessee to go and come from school each day. The school's parking lot is located across the street from the school. I was hit by a VCS parent while in the crosswalk on Friday, March 20th 2015. Crossing guards are volunteer. Tennessee is a busy street and now Curtis is as well. That intersection is crazy dangerous. I've since sat and watched drivers not stopping or slowing at the stop sign. I've seen people back up and park in the crosswalk. We are always almost getting hit. Well, I DID! I missed my daughter's first performance in the Talent Show that night. She has autism and I was worried about her. The case number is15-3709. I'm waiting for the police report, but was told they towed her car. We need more cautionary supports at that intersection. The school is Kindergarten - 8th. The parking lot is ACROSS the MAJOR street! A big, busy street. a few school signs covered by trees in unacceptable. We should have some like the ones on Rollingwood in front of the library. Blinking lighted crosswalks, yellow bumps approaching school and even a scanner showing your speed and the limit are some of the safety tools we need. I got hit and rolled off the hood onto the street. God forbid someone roll over child! Please contact me with any information or where I can go to make this happen! Thank You!
  • 212–236 Mare Island Way Vallejo 94590, United States - Vallejo
  • 656 Benicia Rd Vallejo 94591, United States - Vallejo

    Benicia Rd just east of I-80. Homeless encampment has grown to unaccounted level. Trash and debris all around the area.

    Unsafe for customers of the local businesses.

  • 601-899 Lemon St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Large trash dump in street
  • 124 Plaza Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The man sleeping at the bus stop is releasing his bodily waste on the city street. Trash is being thrown into the intersection. My car was hit by his flying debis. This is a hazard to motorists and people walking on the city street. This trash on the street is assisting the rodent population. Please have this man removed.
  • Harbor Way Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    well here we are 100 days with no resolution of the signage problem along the waterfront regarding bicycles vs. pedestrians! yesterday another incident occured with two elderly women walking their small dogs and a cyclist ! verbal abuse to innocent people simply walking,enjoying some fresh air is not right! it's time to ban bicycles from the WALKWAY between the marina and mare island causeway in the interest of public safety. October, 2012 my dog was run over by a speeding cyclist requiring over $1.000 of medical from his vet.this is when i first addressed this ongoing problem! i guess a major lawsuit by an elderly person being struck and knocked to the ground is the only thing that will get action in this city! step up, create a safe place for seniors to walk, free of the dangers of speeding bicycles! my next step is to get local news media involved to bring the city of vallejo to open their eyes!
  • 1231 Kentucky Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Once again we have had this ILLEGAL encampment and the city will do nothing about it! It is a LAW in vallejo to illegally camp! Why hasnt this unacceptable homeless camp been dismantled! What do the taxpaying citizens have to do to get some response and action regarding this blight. It is not fair to the people who live within sight of this awful mess. Why should we be subjected to it. I can guarantee if this was in view of anyone who worked at city hall or was on the council, it would have been long gone by now!