Fair Haven Heights

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Fair Haven Heights

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  • Urban Blight Archived
    387 Lenox Street New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    This house is in deplorable condition and there is a large accumulation of vehicles and neglect of property.
  • 80 Clifton Street new haven, ct 06513 - Fair Haven Heights
    Reckless use of atvs,dirt bikes, snow mobiles,"hot rods". All ages. Location is home base for trouble makers from nearby locations. Detached two car garage serves as repair /jumping off spot for reckless riders/drivers.
  • 688 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    This woman has far too many dogs confined to her tiny apartment. She is breeding these animals and selling the puppies out of a box on the corner of Quinnipiac and Grand.
  • Drugs Archived
    690-692 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    The Blue House behind Grand Vin is selling drugs. The particular person(s) are an African American male and a white female that share the apartment. If you see suspected drug activity please call the NHPD as often as necessary. They are often seen walking in the area with a white and brown pit bull. They and their business are not welcome in this neighborhood. The male was involved in a stolen vehicular accident on Quinnipiac Avenue on July 9 where a reported handgun was suspected of being tossed.
  • 620 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT 06513 - Fair Haven Heights
    We live in Fairhaven, one of the city's most attractive neighborhoods. But weekend after weekend, the beauty of the place is ruined by motorbikes, roaring up and down Front St and Quinnipiac Avenue destroying the atmosphere. They create a serious traffic danger. Can nothing be done to curtail this anti-social behaviour?
  • 484 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT 06513 - Fair Haven Heights
    There is a dog that cries night and day. It seems to be locked up in the garage. What are they doing to that poor animal? Some type of experiment?
  • 177-239 Lenox St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    The speeding on Lenox st is getting out of control. The city should put up signs and speed bumps in order to control the amount of speeding cars driving on Lenox st. Lexington ave, after the car race accident, got speed bumps and the amount of speeding cars has slowed down. Also the speeding on quinnipiac ave has slowed down after speed bumps and signs were added to the street. I strongly feel that Lenox st is well over due for speed bumps and signs. I moved on Lenox st in 1999. With-in 3 days still getting settled in I almost got hit by a speeding car when my basketball rolled into the middle of Lenox st. I now have a 7 year old nephew and a 3 year old niece that live on Lenox st, I fear for their and everyone else's safty! Please vote to help!!
  • E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    "Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye"There are signs posted on the bridge that say "no fishing from bridge" and the fisherman are continually fishing right under the sign. This poses a very dangerous problem for boaters. As we try to go under the bridge, there are line and hooks dangling everywhere. Some of the people are curteous enough to pull their lines and let you through, others start yelling and throwing things. I have had everthing from beer cans and other garbage to lead weights thrown. Last year a women on a boat was hooked in the scalp by a fishing lure and I have had close calls with lures myself. I have called the bridge operations number numerous times to ask them to call police when there people fishing from the bridge, I have also called police to file a report, still, last night June 8th, I counted 28 fisherman. Will they not act until someone loses an eye and sues the city?
  • 94-166 Clifton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    The cops keep saying they want to get serious about this illegal behavior, but despite several calls to the New Haven police from several people in the neighborhood on Friday, Saturday and today, not one cop showed up all weekend long. We even gave them the address of one group of riders. Hour upon hour of loud noise and disruption, and unsafe riding in and out of the park. Can we PLEASE have some cop presence in this neighborhood?
  • 623-627 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    A pack of around 6 heading south at 1pm. Then an hour later they came back from east haven after picking up their dates for a Sunday afternoon. Probably around 20 heading north on Q av an hour later.

    Anyone heard an update on if we're getting any _additional_ laws to police the issue and on timing - will we see benefits to neighborhoods this summer?

    Also in terms of existing laws that are being broken, driving without a license, recklessly etc., I just checked up on youtube for the latest. I'm assuming police are regularly going online to pick them all up but just in case plenty of good close-ups of faces here: http://youtu.be/tNoWGDp--CE

  • 36 East Grand Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    There are constant drug deals being made on East Grand Ave infront of ziggy's and going all the way down the street to the bridge. This happens at least 5 times a day. A car will park on street parking, wait, and someone will appear and make the sale. I have even seen children in the cars. Many of the cars have out-of-state licenses, many being from NY. These individuals have no fear and do it in the open. If the police want a easy drug bust, come down here and watch this. Ill start taking pictures every time it happens with license plate numbers . Get these scumbags off the streets where many children and families walk to go to the park
  • Neglected Dog Archived
    177 Lexington Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    The residents of 177 Lexington Ave. have a pit bull out on a short chain. This dog barks, howls, and cries for hours at a time. Sometimes the dog has no water bowl, or the water bowl is empty. During the colder months the dog is often kept in the shed behind their house. My neighbor went over to bring it water once, and she said the shed was filled with feces. This has been going on for years and Animal Control has been called several times, yet the dog remains in their "care" and continues to be neglected.