Havenscourt 55th to 82nd Ave; 880 to Millsmont

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Havenscourt from 55th to 80th; 880 to Millsmont

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  • 7716 Hillside St Oakland 94605, United States - Eastmont
    Someone drop this vehicle today and taking,tires,doors and other items.
  • 1363 80th Ave Oakland 94621, United States - Fitchburg
    Can we please get a police parking enforcement to come down 80th ave between international and A st there are plenty of cars abandoned and left her for a long time. So we can get the Street sweeper to sweep or Street
  • 7701 Krause Ave Oakland 94605, United States - Arroyo Viejo
    Fresh graffiti at Arroyo Viejo. Please erase.
  • 6728–6740 Bancroft Ave Oakland 94605, United States - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    3/30/20 at 2 am hit and run just past intersection of 67th Avenue on Bancroft. 1 car hit another that flipped and busted sidewalk as well as went through fence. Police told me to stay away and just gave case number. I am fixing my fence but, who is responsible for 2 large squares of sidewalk getting replaced?
  • 2101 65th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    This vehicle is causing blight in the neighborhood.
  • 6024 Fortune Way Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    The lot next to my house is city owned. The weeds are so tall its starting to push my fence inward.
  • 7927 Plymouth St Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Arroyo Viejo
    baby pay pen, bags of trash, and debris
  • 65th Ave & Avenal Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    White 4 door vehicle parked on Avenal at 65th and is crashed with the bumper sticking out in the street. There is a roundabout at this intersection and it is difficult to get around. This vehicle has not moved for a month.
  • 7443 Weld St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Arroyo Viejo

    Drug selling ,frequent fights,weapons are being carried, stolen car left , littering,trespassing private property, gambling with dices every afternoon 2pm -2am. This brings people to hang around and create crime on the street. All this is happening on the complex apartments 7443 - 7449 Weld Street.

    All of the above are some of issues we have in our neighborhood
    We need the city to help us we try to keep our neighborhood safe and clean for our children but sadly we have people who make our neighborhood dangerous and not safe. We call the non emergency line when cars are blocking driveway/ or any of the other issues. Why the city doesn't care for these neighborhoods with these issues.
    We pay taxes just like the people in the Oakland Hills, why are there no police officers patrolling the neighborhood. We have the Bancroft police station and crime happens right underneath their noses.

    Please HELP!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!!

  • Holly St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Arroyo Viejo
    It’s trash on holly from 81st to 86th in the gutters, streets, and sidewalk for over a month. I don’t understand why it’s been there that long. This wouldn’t be happing in piedmont, Montclair it Jack London sq District. Please forward to Larry Reid City council for this district.
  • 1400–1424 81st Ave Oakland 94621, United States - Arroyo Viejo
    Broken down truck with trash in it. This whole section of 81ST needs help. It’s scattered with debris, trash and broken down abandoned cars.
  • 6600 International Blvd Oakland CA 94621, United States - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    There is a No Right On Red sign on Havenscourt Southbound at International There is a tree blocking the view of the sign, which is causing people to ignore the sign - -and in some cases swerve around the lead car at the light Very dangerous