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I'm excited to expand the use of SeeClickFix in Lansing. As an elected official, this is a great tool for me to keep up-to-date on issues that affect our community. If you need further assistance, please call 483-4177 or email me
at Thank you for doing your part to improve our community!

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  • 1723 E Michigan Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
  • 3005 Herrick Drive Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There are 5 disabled vehicles on this property that never move. There are several trailers with old appliances, tires, and trash in different areas of the property. There are piles of wood with termites piled all over the property. The owner of this property happens to work for the City of Lansing, several complaints have been filed, but nothing is ever done about it. Isn't that interesting!!!! I now refuse to pay my property taxes to the City of Lansing until this problem is fixed!!!!!!!
  • 6204 Marywood Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    trash in yard for sevaral weeks grass not cut for weeks house abandoned
  • 2113 Lyons Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The vehicle parked in front of this house was struck by another car while legally parked there on July 8. It has now been 3.5 weeks and the vehicle is yet to be moved off the roadway. While it is still tight to the curb it can't move as it is sitting on at least one flat tire and has other damage from the accident. This disabled vehicle needs to be removed from the right of way.
  • Other Open
    834 Johnson Avenue Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The owners and residents of this property are trying to rent out this house without a license or inspection. Also, the backyard has not been mowed all summer. There is debris, broken items, and trash all over the backyard.
  • 3212 Leawood Lansing, MI - Lansing
  • Intersection Of Michigan & Verlinden Lansing, MI 48915, USA - Lansing
    As of approximatley 12:30 this afternoon the West bound lane of Michigan at Verlinden has a burnt out light. I believe it is the green light.
  • Other Open
    Cawood Between Oakland And Hyland Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    A house mid-block on the odd-side of the street keeps their garbage and recycle bins out curbside perpetually. They overflow, have trash in the streets, etc. Right now they are okay but they shouldn't be kept curbside. We finally got the rest of the neighborhood in compliance but these people are the lone stand-outs.
  • 1010 Beech Street Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    furniture on street/clothing on street
  • 1127 Cleveland Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    the vehicle has been in the driveway disabled for over a year
  • 807 Princeton Ave. Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    For the past few months a mountain of garbage has piled up on the back porch at 807 princeton ave. Animals are dropping trash from the trees in my back yard, endangering my dog. There are also 4-6 children that are often playing around the garbage.
  • 1203 W Saginaw St Lansing, MI 48915, USA - Lansing
    The street light at Saginaw & Bartlett, SW corner, was out this morning. Other lights in the area were on.