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  • 936 Chapel Street New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    AT&T is opening a retail store at 936 Chapel St., where the old tattoo shop used to be. This is probably the ugliest storefront in all of downtown -- completely covered in black styrofoam. The building owner has not been motivated to improve their building, but perhaps AT&T can be persuaded that they owe it to New Haven to make their business look halfway decent. I've already written their "corporate citizenship" PR representative, requesting that they at least remove the dryvit. I would also like to see that their signage, when installed, is of appropriate quality and scale. (The tattoo shop had a plastic sign about five feet tall.) Is there any local approvals process that has guidelines for signage?
  • New Haven CT - Downtown
    The city of New Haven was given almost 4 million dollars to sychronize traffic signals in New Haven. After a light turns green the next one turns red block after block. The article I read stated that if you did 25 miles an hour or less you would get more than 1 block.
  • 118-146 Church St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green
  • 345-397 College Street New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Recently I was asked to participate in a citizen review group gathered to give feedback on a proposal by Project for Public Spaces for the New Haven Green. I have lots of opinions about the New Haven Green but I would rather open it up to New Haven users of SeeClickFix to gather feedback than just return mine.

    Here is a link to the plan:

    Please add your comments in the comments below. There was an email sent to the group today calling for a last call for review. It's your green what do you think?

  • 881-925 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    The people who loiter on the benches on the corner of the green are obviously dealing drugs and using them there too. Posting an officer there during the day would stop the trafficking and make the "park" much more enjoyable.
  • 293 Elm St New Haven, CT 06520 - Downtown
    This intersection is incredibly dangerous with cars coming flying down Whalley, running the red light, and with the light timing on the pedestrian signals and York St not set up right so that cars do not have time to clear intersection.
  • 202 238 Temple St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Earlier this week I thought it would be nice to buy a lunch at a nearby cafe and take it out on the Green to eat. Think again---

    Nearly ever bench in the green is being used by homeless people to sleep on and hang out on all day and all night. Many of them are trashed (the benches and the homeless dudes). Even when you find an empty bench it is surround by the trash they leave behind.

    When I say I want this issue "fixed" I don't mean sterilizing the homeless, and I realize times are tough. I just wish that everyone could use the green and it wasn't a rough sleeping encampment treated like junk by derelicts.

    At the outdoor concert last weekend, police came around and forced people to leave their post-concert eating, drinking, and conversing at 10pm. Do they make the homeless people leave? No. Seems like the wrong set of priorities for use of public space.

  • New Haven CT - Downtown
    If you rent, and have "on street" parking, you are very likely to somehow, at some point, be snarled into some ridiculous appeals process to get the original parking/towing ticket thrown out, especially if you feel your property was seized unjustly. The fines keep adding up, and the City's 10 towing companies keep fueling up to go make money overnight. This policy is a breach of citizen's 4th amendment rights. We already comply with licensing, registration, and soaring insurance... yet now the city wants more of its on-street parkers. Whether the fine is $50 or $150 dollars, WE DON'T HAVE IT. Plus, we already paid $88 to get our property released from your enforcers. If you are poor, and have a car, you are screwed in New Haven.
  • 345-397 College St Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown

    I will attach the video but the bike was left behind on the green and still sitting here. Police were called and they pursued.

    A women said that she was almost run over as well as a man.

  • 228 Elm St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Whenever it rains, a puddle forms in the roadway on Elm Street at the the southwest corner with High Street (right in the crosswalk). I believe the puddle results from a depression in the roadway that prevents the water from draining into the nearby storm drains. The puddle is large and right near where people must stand while waiting to cross the street. When drivers (especially buses, who have little room to maneuver) drive right through the puddle, they send up a wall of mucky water that splashes all over pedestrians.

    DPW, as soon as the weather dries out, could you please layer on a few more inches of asphalt here to prevent this puddle from developing in the future? Thanks!

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  • 260-262 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    Apparently Yale will not renew the Anchor's lease. Let's Vote up saving the anchor.
  • Corner Of Church And Chapel new haven, CT 06517, USA - Town_Green
    white male. mid 20"s usually in red sox apparrel. Every morning pills are dealt in front of the coffee house