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  • 344 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    At the corner of Elm and College, there is a right turning lane that intersects with the bike lane. It is difficult for cars to see bikes as they turn, which has resulted in several accidents. Technically, both have the right of way here, so it is incredibly dangerous for both cyclists and drivers. Please fix this issue before more people get hurt.

    Perhaps this could inspire a solution?

  • Wild turkey Archived
    301 399 College St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    A wild turkey was wandering around the green on 4/28 and 4/29. I don't know how it got there. It probably should be taken away, the city is no place for a turkey.
  • Scooter gangs Archived
    851-881 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Three times in the last month, I've seen a group of teenagers riding around on scooters recklessly and illegally. None of the scooters have license plates, and one of the looks like the plate bracket itself was broken off -- leading me to suspect they were stolen. The kids dodge in and out of traffic, up onto sidewalks, and dive through red lights.

    Given how many cars I see stopped for speeding or other minor traffic infractions, I'm amazed that this reckless theft and endangerment doesn't seem to concern the police. I understand it would hard to catch these kids -- they would scatter in 4 different directions if they saw a cop -- but doesn't the law apply to them too?

  • 143 Elm Street Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Town_Green

    The new bike lane going in on Elm St is on the right side of the street sharing space with the CT Transit Bus stop in the Green. Because of parking on the upper block, buses must cut across the bike lane to reach the stop and then swing wide into the bike lane to turn right on Temple. This is dangerous for cyclists! Bollards can't be installed because of the parking, which if removed could make way for a dedicated bus lane.

    The right-hand side bike lane also prevents cyclists from safely turning left at Church or Orange, very popular routes to East Rock where many cyclists live. Bike boxes could help with this safety issue. Are there any planned?

    Anyone have ideas on how to keep people safe on Elm St?

  • 49 High St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Because of the renovations to Street Hall, the construction company had to make a temporary crosswalk on High Street. If you think we should have a crosswalk like this permanently, perhaps right at Library Walk, vote here by clicking "I want this fixed too!"

    Alternatively, if you have experienced problems with the temporary crosswalk on High Street, you should feel free to voice those concerns here too.

  • 129 Church St Yale University, New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    There is no bench for this bus stop. Can fix with a crowd funded chairigami bench.
    This project is looking for 10 donors to donate $12.82. You can donate here:
  • 304 Elm St New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    The road on Elm St between Park St and Broadway still have snow banks on both sides of the road. This makes it unsafe to park ones car in any of these spots. When buses try to pass through here and cars are parked, it can't make it through. The bus then has to stop and this causes traffic. It is also hurting the retail spaces in that area. This snow should be removed.
  • New Haven New Haven, USA - Downtown
    Understood we need to cut the budget. Is there anybody trying to cultivate a donor to sponsor New Haven's fireworks? It would be a great opportunity for some companies to display civic goodwill. Anybody want help find philanthropic support for this endeavor and the Christmas tree?
  • 32 High St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green
    All bike parking spaces on both sides of High Street are taken. Please add a bike parking corral to support local businesses. One bike corral = 16 bikes in 1 car parking space.
  • Front Street And Lewis St Park New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    I have called few times about light either blown or turned off inside the park making this a hotspot for late night crowd making noise drinking even illegal drugs the supposed to have 2 lights on and the blown light is on top of the sprinklers.. can someone fix this issue... thanks
  • 316 Ellm Street New Haven, CT - Dwight
    If you want to turn right to turn onto Park St as Whalley Ave comes into Elm Street, the lights are not well coordinated. You will get a green light on Whalley but as you make that turn, you will often have to stop at the Elm Street light. The traffic frequently gets backed up on Whalley Ave so that cars that are in that right hand lane can't go forward (it is a right turn lane as well as a going straight lane). The timing needs to be longer at the light at Elm to have a smooth flow of traffic. Now the light will turn green on Whalley and you can't move because that Elm St light is red. Thanks!
  • Church St New haven, Ct - Town_Green

    Stickers from the store Enclave on the monument in the middle of the fountain on the green. It is an eyesore and graffiti and should be addressed.

    Reported from my mobile device