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  • 970 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green


    The police are arresting Wage Theft protesters at Goodfellas and have been ignoring the drag racing that has been going on all morning and afternoon. These miscreants take advantage of the fact that the city is relatively free of traffic and pedestrians and have turned it into a racing course with pop wheelies etc, Can the police arrest the true disturbers of the peace??

  • Elizabeth Ann Drive cross street Clarendon & Mass Ave, New Haven, CT - Downtown
    A new street was put in during the Fall, but the curb is now below the black top. Last snow storm the plow took approximately 4-5ft of the front property. I've made several calls to the city, left message, and no one calls back. I've even been in contact with the Alderman. Can someone please comeout and put a sawhorse, cone, anything before the next snow fall so I don't have a muddy mess again. I totally understand that a curb cannot be put in until the weather is warmer, but my front lawn looks like a mud pit.
  • New Haven New Haven, USA - Downtown
    Understood we need to cut the budget. Is there anybody trying to cultivate a donor to sponsor New Haven's fireworks? It would be a great opportunity for some companies to display civic goodwill. Anybody want help find philanthropic support for this endeavor and the Christmas tree?
  • 304 Elm St New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    The road on Elm St between Park St and Broadway still have snow banks on both sides of the road. This makes it unsafe to park ones car in any of these spots. When buses try to pass through here and cars are parked, it can't make it through. The bus then has to stop and this causes traffic. It is also hurting the retail spaces in that area. This snow should be removed.
  • Elm And York New Haven, CT - Downtown
    New Haven Police Department car w/ lic. 112 NH guns engine to run light several seconds after it even turned to red. No lights/siren not in a rush since he proceeded to cruise down Elm toward the green. He just didn't think he should have to wait for the light like everyone else? Dozens of motorists were there to take note of this as well as at least that many pedestrians and a New Haven Fire Dept. Vehicle parked on Elm. Isn't this an intersection where reckless driving has recently caused a number of casualties? I keep seeing reports of NHPD driving as if they are above the law and NEVER see any feedback from the Department of the City. Do you even care about this issue? I do.
  • Church St New haven, Ct - Town_Green

    Stickers from the store Enclave on the monument in the middle of the fountain on the green. It is an eyesore and graffiti and should be addressed.

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 129 Church St Yale University, New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    There is no bench for this bus stop. Can fix with a crowd funded chairigami bench.
    This project is looking for 10 donors to donate $12.82. You can donate here:
  • Front Street And Lewis St Park New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    I have called few times about light either blown or turned off inside the park making this a hotspot for late night crowd making noise drinking even illegal drugs the supposed to have 2 lights on and the blown light is on top of the sprinklers.. can someone fix this issue... thanks
  • 222 York St New Haven, CT 06511 - Yale University Campus

    A crosswalk is needed from the University Theater to the Library Walk. There is a mid block crosswalk on Temple Street, in front of the Omni Hotel (which has far fewer pedestrians than this area!), which could serve as a model.

    Doing this would require bumping out the curbs and removing some parking spaces, in order to increase the visibility of pedestrians.

    A crosswalk would also help reduce speeding on the street. Cars currently travel through this area at very high speeds, putting pedestrians' lives at risk.

    It is surprising nothing has been done about the situation, considering the number of students who have been injured and the enormous numbers of pedestrians who cross York Street to get from one dormitory to the other.

  • 927-999 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    The pedestrian signal at the corner of Chapel and College is slow or unresponsive. While the light is green for traffic on Chapel street I press the walk button.. After the light turns red then the light turns green for traffic on College street.. Then the light turn green for traffic on Chapel street again.. That is unacceptable. Who is really going to wait for that.
  • Temple St. New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    I recently noticed that the weathervane on the top of Center Church on the Green appears to be precariously leaning...
  • 118-146 Church St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown

    racist and abusive behavior by a metro taxi driver should result in his termination. Metro Taxi cab number 181 spewed racist remarks and spit on a child.

    boycott metro taxi until this man is fired for his unacceptable actions.

    (calls to headquarters to discuss this matter have not been returned.)