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  • Orange/Chapel Area New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    This area chapel orange crown and church St has become crack head city. It is terrible the are all over the place doing drug deals right in front of you. You get harassed for money all the time. The crackheads even have their kids with them. It is not good for businesses when you have people passing and cropping on the street.
  • York Street New Haven, CT - Downtown

    I had some extra money left on my meter. I assumed i could re-insert my credit card to get it back on my card. I was surprised to see that the City confiscates the leftover money.

    I believe this is wrong. I equate this to a "gift card" being expired and the money then just disappearing.

    No matter how we view the privilege of parking in New Haven, the money should not be disappearing into the ether.

    We should be able to get it back on our credit card.

  • 161 Church Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Got the following phone call and text from the city's EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER from the major exhorting me to sign up for health insurance. While laudable, this is hardly an emergency and certainly not a reason to call me in the middle of the day on my cellphone.

    Please use the EOC system for genuine emergencies. If you need to communicate non-emergencies, please set up a non-emergency system that we can sign up for separately.

    Abuse of the EOC is likely to result in people dropping EOC reception, which will impede the ability of the city to communicate during genuine emergencies.


    Hi, this is Mayor Toni Harp, and I want to provide you with some important information about signing up for health insurance.
    There are free health insurance enrollment events every week in the City of New Haven where you will be able to meet one-on-one with trained and certified individuals who can answer questions and enroll you and your family in health care coverage.
    The Access Health CT open enrollment period officially closes on March 31st. After March 31st, you will be eligible to apply for health insurance through Access Health CT only if you have changes in your personal circumstances or if you qualify for Husky.
    Please visit the City of New Haven’s website at or call the New Haven Health Department at 203-946-6999 for more information, and to find the locations of these enrollment events. I encourage all residents to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Thank you.

  • Chapel And Church St New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    I was driving down Chapel this morning, into the bright sunrise, and suddenly an officer just walks out into the street, right in the middle, not at an intersection, and green light in the distance. I have to slam on the brakes and put my hand up to see who it is and what is going on. He comes over to the car and asks, "You got a @#$% problem, buddy?"

    My response, other than to hold my hands up in apology, would have been, ideally:
    1) Yes, sir, I do have a problem. I almost hit an officer of the law, whom I greatly respect, because he did not choose to obey the laws that he is supposed to enforce.
    2) I was almost rear-ended by another car because of these actions.
    3) And really, you have to be that rude? My kid is in the car and you are using that kind of language?

    I fully support our police officers and our city, I just wish that they could be a bit more respectful at times, especially for something like this.

  • 92 138 Elm St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown

    Many cities are beginning to convert the rooftops of their municipal buildings into "green roofs" to reduce energy use, save money, reduce storm water run-off, improve air quality, provide a tranquil refuge for residents, and much more.

    Milwaukee has begun work on the roof of it's public library:

  • New Haven CT - Downtown

    I come from further North originally and our snow removal plan works wonderfully. So here is how "back home" does it.

    Day of suspected storm:
    1) Open the parking lots of Churches, public schools and city parking lots for free parking all nite until 7am (M-F) or 8am (Sa/Su). If not removed, cars get towed with fines due the city - (money maker!) Free bus shuttles available.

    2a) Cars park on "no parking" side of street or just one side on a street with parking open on both sides. Back home we have these streets marked with a Blue Square on the signs.

    2b) Cars can not park on "parking this side only" or one side of street the day of the storm. This is the parking ban. This side of the street would be marked with a Yellow Square back home. Again, cars towed when in the way (money maker for the city!)

    Plows do their job on the day of the storm on the empty side. The following day after the storm, cars are allowed to park on the other side of the street so this side can now get cleaned.

    Its so simple and its proven to work!

  • New Haven, CT - Downtown
    I know these folks just want to be noticed, which is a pretty basic desire, but can't they simply make their motorcycles really shiny instead of really loud? That way people will still look at them.
  • New Haven Green New Haven, CT - Downtown
    This is an unfortunate and quite horrible example of the decay in respect of the historic New Haven Green. How the graffiti will safely be removed from the trees is only part of the problem, and it is imperative that the proprietors and the city focus on eradicating ALL the illegal and frightning activity that seems to be escalating on the Green. This mess is what visitors to our city see and experience first hand.
  • Edgewood Bounded By Forest And Dwight/Howe but also Whalley, New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Overdriven pirate radio station broadcasts on 90.3 (often during commuting hours but also weekends); the station plays reggae and variants. Fine. I like reggae well enough. But it is an overdriven signal that interferes with 90.5, the local NPR affiliate, to the point that the latter is unlistenable.

    So, FCC, City Hall, Po-po, whatever: find the source of the signal and shut 'em down, please.

    I'd just like to point out that it's amazing that nearly EVERY facet of life in New Haven seems to be characterized by some level of criminal activity. At last, my refuge on the commute home--the voice of reason while the crazy gangbanger kids encircle my car, weaving in and out of traffic like it's their job--has been invaded. (Only matter of time, I s'pose.)

    How symptomatic of the social ills in this town.

  • 195-199 Elm St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    Elm street between Braodway and the Green is regularly blocked by Yale deliveries. Today it was down to one lane with THREE POLICE OFFICERS standing on the corner WATCHING, when asked to do something they said what can we do ?? There must be a solution- if it can be kept to obstrubting one lane it seems ALMOST acceptable. This has been occuring for years.
  • Chapel St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    The construction work on the Yale Museum of Art is almost complete. To my dismay, there are no street trees being replanted where there used to be several good-sized trees. Why wouldn't Yale replace the trees they removed? It detracts from the street, sidewalk, and building and exposes the long benches to full sun where it was once so nice to stop in the shade.
  • Temple St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    Would the city PLEASE consider instituting a noise ordinance? The LOUD motorcycles, dirtbikes, booming stereos, sirens, is tiring. It makes nice sunny days seem MUCH less so. Walking downtown with children should not mean having to have them wear ear plugs. This city - and its noise - is quite literally driving young families out into nearby areas. A noise ordinance, if enforced, would change our city for the better. PLEASE consider it.