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  • 1032 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Town_Green
    Has anyone else noticed that there's no place in New Haven to shop for reasonable, relatively inexpensive clothing? With all the emphasis on creating a downtown that meets the needs of the community, no one has stopped to think that residents can't just pull on a pair of papayas from the new co-op at 360 when they get dressed in the morning. Sure, there are a few expensive boutiques and specialty stores, but the Gap is gone and I can't even find a pair of underwear anywhere. Either find some decent mid-priced stores that sell adults' and kids' clothes (H&M or Old Navy would be nice, if you go with chains), or establish a shuttle that goes back and forth to the suburban malls.
  • Chapel Street New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    the school next to wooster street that used to be carreer high yrs ago. im sorry dont know what it is now. there is a traffic post as u enter the schools driveway and someone attached an obama sucks sticker on it, i cut tru this parking lot every day and my 9yrs reads it wondering why people have to
    b so ignorant.
  • Everywhere New Haven, CT - Downtown
    Lawlessness in the streets of new haven. First warm day and the hoodlums are out in force. Good job Madam Mayor letting these monsters terrorized the city. If you lived here you would know that this is a huge quality of life issue. Why are you afraid to act??????. The good folks who are investing in this city's future and well being would appreciate if you not let these lawless maniacs take over.
  • 118 146 Church St New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    Extremely loud. Please remove these from the streets.
  • Broadway And York New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Bike parking needed along Broadway and York - bikes are locked to all available posts (which are not bike racks) and there still isn't enough space. What about taking out a parking space for bike parking along York?
  • 927-963 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    The huge oak that was felled in the storm could be turned into great park benches for the green.
  • Temple St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    Would the city PLEASE consider instituting a noise ordinance? The LOUD motorcycles, dirtbikes, booming stereos, sirens, is tiring. It makes nice sunny days seem MUCH less so. Walking downtown with children should not mean having to have them wear ear plugs. This city - and its noise - is quite literally driving young families out into nearby areas. A noise ordinance, if enforced, would change our city for the better. PLEASE consider it.
  • 927 963 Chapel St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    Homeless camped out on green. Public Health issue. Safety Issue for downtown residents and visitors
  • 181-193 York Street New Haven, Connecticut - Yale University Campus
    Today, Thursday March 12 at 4:35pm a group of about 6-8 young men on dirtbikes rode West up Chapel street past the art museum and turned right onto York street heading toward Elm. They were weaving through traffic around cars and pedestrians. Complete disregard for traffic laws, red lights or safety. Maybe this is the year New Haven rids itself of the dirt bike epidemic?
  • New Haven Green New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    The New Haven Green smells heavily like urine and is littered with trash (including sharp glass fragments from many broken alcohol bottles, which is dangerous). It's embarrassing for the city to have our central square be in such a state, but more embarrassing that our inattention to the homeless is what causes it to be so. What is New Haven doing to help those who most need it and, in so doing, helping to preserve our public spaces?
  • New Haven Green New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Just a note to say that the past few days there has been a whole lot of trash scattered all over the New Haven Green. It seems much worse than other times, even compared to early last summer. Embarrassing to walk through there with visiting out-of-towners, and sad for those of us who really love using the Green as a public space. It's the center of the city we're so proud of; it shouldn't be covered in garbage.
  • 301-347 College St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    The lovely green, New Haven's front lawn -- open for all to come and enjoy -- is almost always a littered mess.
    I'm not saying we should arrest litters, but begin issuing tickets for littering. It's a small, quality-of-life step that can yield large results. Clean the Green, a small effort that can sow pride. We all -- even the thoughtless litterers -- feel better when the world around us isn't a filthy mess. And if the city won't crack down, we can do it ourselves; just carry a plastic grocery bag with you and pick up after you messy brothers and sisters when you get the chance. It's good exercise.