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nobody thats why i want to watch it and make sure things get fixed

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  • Ongoing nuisance Acknowledged
    341 13th Street Oakland, California - Downtown
    The shooting on the morning of April 13th outside of shadow ultra lounge makes that the 10th shooting at that address in the last 3 years. That's probably some sort of record. Any chance that the operator of the nightclub could be evicted under the nuisance ordinance? Or do we have to get to 20 shootings before something can be done?
  • Dowtown / Uptown Oakland, CA - Downtown
    This person has tagged more than two dozen buildings, several kiosks, garbage cans, sidewalks, and as of last night someones work van parked on MLK.
  • 2101 Webster St. Oakland, California - Downtown
    Please stop the valet service at 2101 Webster Street from routinely double parking in and blocking the dedicated bike lanes as part of its normal operations. This is not a once-in-a-while thing, but every day. Please send parking enforcement to ticket these vehicles and encourage the valet service to move operations to a more suitable location.
  • 2101 Webster Street Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Southbound Webster Street is a busy bike lake with heavy morning commute traffic with bicycles and vehicles. The 2101 Webster Valet Parking and Laundry create large numbers of double parking cars on a daily basis blocking the bike lane, even if there is curb space. This creates a hazard for bicyclists who are forces into the traffic lane.
  • Other Open
    2101 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Continued valet parking in bike lane forces cyclists into lanes . This is an ongoing issue.
  • Street Light Archived
    1401-1475 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Street lights out west side of Broadway/Telegraph from 14th street to 16th street. Major public safety issue and threat to businesses in this high crime corridor.
  • 994 42nd Street (Linden Park) Oakland, California - Downtown
    Mattress, bedding, clothing are hidden behind foliage on the East Side of Linden Park. Please remove and sanitize as this is directly adjacent and to the North of the play structure for the youngest of children at this City park. Additionally, school opens next week for the public K-8 school who frequent this park.
  • Broadway Between 5th And 6th Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Please clean the area between 5th and 6th on the sidewalk along Broadway in downtown Oakland. The overwhelming smell of urine and bird (and other?) feces has reached a point that one can no longer walk through the area without a visceral reaction. I actually gag and heave every time I walk through. It is worse on the west side of the street than the eastern side. It is an area traversed often by pedestrians. I do not have a photo.
  • 580 At Coolidge Ave Under Pass Oakland, CA - Downtown
    I rolled up on these guys dumping trash in a white Toyota up standard cab two wheel drive Ca. plate #5T88573
    I also have photos of the truck.
  • 301-349 21st St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Morning drop off of 6-10 cars for valet parking (is there a permit for this?) in the bike lane. Safety issue, and double parking is illegal.
  • Lafayette Square Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Lafayette Park needs lights that work. During the day, the park is bad enough, filled with bums drinking and doing drugs, and leaving their messes behind. But at night, these same nuisances become public safety issues due to the fact that there are few or no lights on in the park. These nuisances are territorial and threatening to anyone who walks by. After so much time and money was spent to fix up this park, it would be nice if tax-paying citizens of the neighborhood could feel safe enough to actually use it. Thanks.
  • 11th St:Jefferson St Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Almost all the lighting is out at Lafayette Square Park. This constitutes A PUBLIC SAFETY HAZARD AT NIGHT.