Jefferson-Chalmers Neighborhood

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Jefferson-Chalmers Neighborhood

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  • Tree Issue Archived
    762 Ashland St Detroit, MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Tree has been decaying causing falling debris for years. See google street view!It is unsafe to the residents of the neighborhood. The remnants of the tree should be removed.
  • 14337 Harbor Island St Detroit MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Jefferson to Lakewood. Lakewood to Harbor Island (left) 1ft to your right. Use to have a cone over it when I reported it 5 or 6 months ago. Still not fixed! Going into 2nd year that this Cone is still here and the hole is still not fixed.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    776 Chalmers St Detroit, MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    the bushes along the fence are in a overgrown unsafe height
  • 295 Chalmers Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI13
    A very large tree on city property came down a few yrs back and destroyed the sidewalks on the side of this house. The city did come and take care of the tree. But the side walks were never fixed. This is a busy area for kids. And the neighbors have told me they have reported it many times to get repaired. I have just bought the house on the courner and have been watching kids side step and walk in the street because the side walk area is in such bad shape. Please reach out to us on what can be done. I have called many depts and no one has called me back. Thank you V. Li
  • 954–998 Newport St Detroit MI 48215, United States - US Congressional District MI13
  • 848 Lakewood Detroit Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    Dumping of branches on DLBA lot
  • Jefferson And Dickerson - US Congressional District MI13
  • Marbrough Street Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    Glass windows, a person on a bike fell into it almost getting cut seriously. It needs to be moved.
  • 150 Lakewood St Detroit, MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    3 Courville containers have been in the street since at least last Friday.
    All 3 are missing lids and rodents have been seen dragging trash out of them, and startling pedestrians passing by.
    This is a persistent issue at this residence.
  • 389 Chalmers St Detroit, MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 201 Marlborough St Detroit, MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13

    Branches like pictured, are constantly dumped at same location, by near-by neighbors, creating a perpetual dump that attracts others to add other things like the pictured broken concrete, and household trash, that we have to look at until the city arranges another special pick-up.

    Located on the Scripps St berm, next to the alley.

  • 892 Lakewood Street Detroit, MI 48215, United States of America - US Congressional District MI13
    Sofas and appliances dumped overnight on curb of vacant lot across the street from me. Material was not picked up by sanitation today (bulk day).