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  • 8206 Glenloch Drive Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    The homeless woman removed by police four times now has returned to the corner of Glenloch and Bellfort. She is, again, barely dressed and urinating and defecating in plain view of pedestrians. Her trash accumulation was removed last time, but she has brought more back with her and continues to litter all over this property. It is unsightly and needs a permanent solution immediately.
  • 7655 Bellfort Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
    This huge vacant lot owned by the hospital that was demolished has weeds that are shoulder high. The lot needs to be properly maintained and weeds need to be cut now.
  • 8505 Monroe Rd Houston, TX 77075, USA - Southeast
    8505 Monroe Rd 77075 Houston. Crushed sidewalk and severely damaged grass median due to 18-wheelers out of adjacent business. Similar damage along road around that business.
  • 1990 Airport Boulevard Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Traffic light on airport headed east towards 288 is not long enough. Currently 735am on thursday and the line of vehicles is past the new HCC building. Since 18-wheelers travel on this road traffic is always backed up
  • 7707 Lakewind Street Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Repeat offender. Pool is disgusting and a health hazard
  • 3434 Hadley Street Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    Trash of all kinds.
  • 2410 S Wayside - Southeast
    Abandoned building, homeless stay in side, building not secured and is dangerous.
  • Pothole Archived
    7824 Scott St. - Southeast
  • Other Archived
    11914 Dalkey - Southeast
    Heavy trash not picked up on 2/28/19
  • 8207-8299 Glenloch Drive Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Unsightly pile of boards and broken down fence have been laying on the property for weeks.
  • Pothole Archived
    7483-7599 Airport Boulevard Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    In left lane on airport before you get to Telephone Road.
  • 8301 Tavenor Lane Houston, TX 77075, USA - Southeast
    There are big loose dogs that have been chasing people who walk or bike by. Some have been kids. Two of the dogs are from the house and they have attracted others to hang around the corner. They are not being properly secured on the owners property. It's an accident waiting to happen. They've chased after a woman with a baby in a stroller before. What can the city do about these dogs in the neighborhood? It's not an isolated problem.