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  • 9030 Monroe Road Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Southbound Monroe starting right before the Airport Blvd intersection at the light - Multiple Massive Potholes have again degraded over the last month. Because of the construction the two lanes are now two-way lanes. So, there is no avoiding the pothole unless you go into oncoming traffic. There is only one lane available, which is being driven on with loaded dirt trucks working on the Monroe pipe project. These potholes need to be fixed as soon as possible and regularly as they are likely to degrade over the course of the project.
  • Brays Bayou Trail Houston, TX 77021, USA - Southeast
    Trail crossing sign has been knocked down.
  • Dowling And Elgin Houston, TX - Southeast
    Dowling & Elgin near Emancipation Park in Third Ward. Dowling & Holman. Essentially several street lights down Dowling Street between McGowen to or just beyond Holman Street 77004. Thank you. I look forward to this assistance, its very dark at night.
  • 11907 Dalkey Dr Houston, TX 77051, USA - Southeast
    Trash overflowing out on street - hasn't been picked up in 2 weeks because cars are parked blocking the garbage truck from reaching it. Insects and bugs everywhere!
  • 11958 Dalkey Dr Houston, TX 77051, USA - Southeast
    Overgrown grass and weeds that are blocking sidewalk and over a foot tall
  • Pothole Archived
    2808 Leek Street Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
  • 7619 Glen Prairie St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
  • 2815 Wheeler Avenue Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
  • 7650 Montglen Dr Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Collecting trash on property. Repeatedly putting trash out on lawn and side of house.
  • Pothole Archived
    8430 Larson Street William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    There are about 10 potholes in this one small intersection. Thank you!
  • 3311-3315 Ozark St Houston, TX 77021, USA - Southeast
    The house located at 3307 Ozark is being used as a commercial party and club rental venue. A party is advertised for August 26 for $40 per person. An open bar is advertised.
  • Pothole Archived
    7301-7325 Monroe Road Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    heavy traffic and heavy trucks use this street