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  • Other Acknowledged
    2211 St Emanuel St Houston, TX 77003, USA - Southeast
    Animal control needed! Pit bulls terrorizing block. These two dogs hang out around 2211 St Emanuel Street. They have chased me and my family 4 times, barked at us, and appeared dangerous and territorial. We have spoken with the residents of 2211 and they refused to control the dogs. This seems to be escalating and we don't feel safe leaving our house. A lot of kids live on the block and these dogs need to be secured or removed.
  • Pothole Archived
    Mykawa Road Houston, TX - Southeast
    The entire road has hole the size of elephants, They are so big that I have bent 6 rims on my car. I watch people everyday driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid these hole. They paved only from the police station to 610 loop. but not past Airport Blvd. These hole are very dangerous and headed for head on collisions. PLEASE HELP MYKAWA RD. (Santa Fe Railroad)
  • 2702 Ruth Street Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    garage is unsecured with heavy trash on driveway in rear of property.
  • 7001-7023 Prentiss Drive Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    trash has been on street 2 months.
  • 7609 Broadview Drive Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Heavy trash put out more than a month early. This is a constant problem at this address.
  • 11926 Dalkey Dr Houston, TX 77051, USA - Southeast
    Trash collector left hatch open on truck and sewer water was spread throughout entire neighborhood. Please come wash our street so it doesn't smell like a sewer and our kids can play outside.
  • Pothole Archived
    7483-7599 Airport Boulevard Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Pavement sinking
  • 4361 North Macgregor Way Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    Swimming pool not maintained
  • Heavy Trash Pickup Acknowledged
    1814 Artem Ct Houston, TX 77051, USA - Southeast
    Heavy trash pickup service failed to service our neighborhood again. When can we expect service?
  • 7027 Dillon Street Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    overgrown lot, 8 ft plus
  • 7707 Lakewind Street Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Concrete pond/waterfall and pool are green and stagnant and filled with hundreds of thousands of mosquito larvae!! Huge Health hazard! Source of Mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus. Neighbors have gotten sick with West Nile Virus!
  • Pothole Archived
    7698-7798 Monroe Road Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    heavy trucks use this street