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  • 101-151 Willowbrook Road Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    Inhalt durch Ablehnungen blockiert
  • 72 S Harwood Ave Upper Darby, PA 19082, USA - Upper Darby

    Cars illegally cut through the small park area to get from Delaware Ave (WC Pike Side) to Brighton/Harwood Ave (Lansdowne Ave Side)

    Kids could get hurt and it's causing damage to the dirt

  • Burmont Rd At Township Line - Drexel Hill
    During rush hour (around 5 o'clock) the light on Burmont Rd crossing township line never changes. People crossing north get a green light, and south gets a turn arrow that allows 2-3 cars through, but it takes over 20 min to get through the intersection, with most people eventually just running the red light.
  • 371 Upland Way Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    In a neighborhood with dozens of children, on a street with a 15 mph speed limit, many drivers use Upland Way in Drexel Hill as a speedway between Garrett Rd and Marshal Ave. Not only do they drive excessively fast but also ignore the three-way stop sign. I have seen other communities use a "speed hump" (not speed-bump) to curtail this activity.
  • Bad corners Archived
    4100-4198 Huey Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    Cars, including police cars, go through stop signs at corners without even slowing down. There are many children in the area and they are frightened to play outside.
  • 640 South Avenue Secane pa 19018 - US Congressional District PA7
    Drivers often use the middle lane of South Avenue as a passing lane and often race around other drivers. Also, they ignore the posted speed limit.
  • 200-270 W Washington Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    going to call animal control soon, dogs barking all the time.
  • Billboards Archived
    Baltimore Pike - Springfield
    Will will those new billboards be going up on the pike? I think they will be a big improvment for Springfield Twp.
  • 5342 West Baltimore Pike Primos-Secane, PA 19018, USA - Upper Darby

    Reported this to Home Depot store manager Aaron Wyley (610-394-9600) on June 24 2011. Nothing has been done yet.

    Home Depot's painted fire lane and crosswalk markings have faded. Congestion close to the store creates a hazard for customers trying to walk from the store exit to their cars. Drivers make multiple lanes in the driveway in front of the store. Even when traffic stops to let people cross to their cars, someone just makes another lane and drives around the stopped traffic.

  • Bridge St Between James & Dennison Drexel Hill, PA - Drexel Hill
    On this 100 block between two stop signs the motorcycle noise is unbelievable. These drivers rev up between these signs and speed up. They travel at high speed to and from Baltimore Pk. A speed bump here would help to slow these drivers down and lower the noise level.