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  • 68-82 Powell Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
  • U.S. 13 Sharon Hill, PA 19079, USA - Sharon Hill

    This is NOT a pedestrian intersection, yet there are children crossing here every school day to get to Collingdale.

    They often have no regard for oncoming traffic or other pedestrians. There is a light and pedestrian crossing one block west of this intersection, but it is not being used by the students.

    Education in the schools and by the parents could help alleviate this some, but I believe some steps should be taken by the borough in order to prevent any traffic accidents or fatalities in the near future, I suggest something be done about this. I believe that rumble strips installed on this particular stretch of Chester Pike (From Cherry atop the hill, to the lights at Ridley.) to reduce speed and increase safety could help.

    School crossing signs would not hurt, either.