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  • Crestwood Drive Clifton Heights Pa - Clifton Heights
    Flew away from Home! Please don't try and catch her she will just fly further! If spotted please call 610 803 2609
  • 384-398 Burmont Rd Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    The traffic light at this intersection needs to be timed better. If you want to turn left onto Garrett or continue north on Burmont, the light only lasts for around 8 seconds. About 4 to 6 cars can make it thorugh the intersection at a time. Please incease the time for this light.
  • 3821-3899 Bonsall Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    Clean out the junk cars from the lot! There are parked cars all over the lot and even on the sidewalk on burmont rd. Its very dangerous when pulling off Bonsall Ave.
  • Mr. Peepers Archived
    1201-1299 Morgan Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    Creeper frequently seen lurking around the 1200 block of Morgan Avenue. Be on the lookout for rotating MLB caps. Potato chips. Wendy's litter. He is frequently leering at children. Be advised.
  • Oak Avenue & Bunting - Upper Darby
    There are hardley any sidewalks on oak ave.. as a parent of a 3 month old, i find it difficult to take walks as i do not want to walk in the street with my baby. Where there is sidewalks, its only on one side of the street and you have to cross back and forth every other block. this is a busy and dangerous street. there are a lot of children in this neighborhood. we need more sidewalks to keep them safe
  • 501-599 Mildred Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Upper Darby
    5/26/10- How can you post a threat in the soundoff? It says and I quote (Iguana go home- Dear lady with the pet iguana on her lawn.If that thing stares at me and licks its lips one more time,your going to be hanging up missing iguana signs on every pole in the city.You have been warned)How and why would you print that?Animal or person how can you print something like that?That scumbag that wrote it is promising violence towards an animal that is no bigger then a bird.I own 2 dragons and they sit on my front lawn,so please tell that SCUMBAG to come to my house and try to touch my dragons and we will see what happens........(>:
  • 420-438 Pusey Ave Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    Vicious put bulls owned by heavyset woman on this block of Pusey Ave. She drives a white ford edhge. These dogs run wild outside, without a leash and bark and are aggressive to whoever is walking on the block. Animal control must help!!! Before someone gets bit or killed.
  • 414-498 Westmont Dr Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
  • 479-487 Westmont Dr Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    We know it's winter, but we could do without the skating rink in the back alley. Please shovel when it snows.
  • 3701-3799 Mc Coy St Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    When turning off of McCoy onto Burmont there is a house with huge brush on the front and side that blocks the view of oncoming cars. I have had many close calls at this intersection. The township should make them trim it or do something.
  • Shadeland Ave. "S" Curve Area - Drexel Hill
    The DHMS students walking home on Shadeland Ave think its a great idea to run across the street and play tag or "chicken" with each other right around the "S" curve area. This is so dangerous! Someone not familiar with this area is going to take that curve too fast one day and run a kid over because they think it's "fun" to dart across the street, and LAUGH when the cars have to stop for them. Now with some contractor trucks parked on the side of the street, hit hinders your view of that curve even more. If your child walks home this way, please talk to them about the dangers, but it would be great if UDPD could quietly monitor this area and see what I'm talking about. I would hate to hear we lost a child's life over something that hopefully can be corrected.
  • School Zone On Clifton Ave Collingdale, PA - Collingdale
    The school zone on Clifton Ave is not clearly marked in one direction; in addition on one side of the street it lasts for only about 4 blocks, but on the other it goes for about 10 blocks. People consistently swerve into oncoming traffic to pass me when I obey the blinking school zone lights, however my call to the borough was dismissed. I dont want to see a child be struck b/c people dont understand that it is indeed a school zone, and not just a slow motorist.