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  • N. Brookside Rd. Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield

    Yesterday a posted report about teens littering, loitering, drinking & drugging around the closed Post Office was deleted...

    Why? Because it criticized the Springfield police for doing nothing???

  • 224-246 Westpark Ln Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Upper Darby
    For over twenty years that I have lived in the neighborhood and I am sure for years prior to that people have been running these stop signs. The township could definitely have a field day(s) at this intersection.
  • Former Collingdale Swim Club Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    There is a once in a generation opportunity in Collingdale for the property at the former Collingdale Swim Club. The property sits adjacent to an abandoned quarry and a former landfill. There are Federal Super Funds that are used to reclaim former quarries such as this. A large parcel of land can be created and used for public use. Why not give it a try?
  • Briarcliff Glenolden, Pa - US Congressional District PA7
    Reported from my mobile device
    Too many dogs are just left out in the cold to bark for hours on end at 5:00am. Please walk these poor dogs and don't just put them on a leashout back. it is abusive and annoying to all neighbors.
  • Scenic Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    This stop sign is a "pause" sign, especially if the vehicle is making a right onto Rolling Road. Speeding cars from Scenic (where it is 25 mph zone) whip around the corner onto Rolling with little care for homeowners on the street, trying to go into or out of their driveways.
  • 910 Green Lane Secane Pa 19018 - Upper Darby
    Cars speed down street and don't even slow down let alone stop at stop signs
  • 200-226 S Academy Ave Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - Glenolden
    There are numerous potholes along S. Academy Avenue Between South Avenue and Ashland Avenue. These holes need to be filled before someone has an accident trying to avoid them or before damage is done to someone's car.
  • 1-11 N State Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The traffic backs up bad down State Road! The light needs to be longer!
  • landfill Archived
    Lanarch Land Fill - Drexel Hill
    i dont know how people can live across from this landfill it spues dirt and dust it looks disagusting with broken down fence and the street is always lined with dirt i dont know how they get away with environmental disaster this area is a eye sore and they should be made clean it up it is a health risk i am sure
  • 1301-1349 Burmont Rd Havertown, PA 19083, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    The Honda Dealership parks cars illegally next to their door causing traffic issues and potentially dangerous situations. When cars are double parked it reduces visibility for drivers trying to access Route 1. Honda's response is they just don't have room....I didn't realize their convenience came before the safety of children
  • 5300-5398 Delmar Rd Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Upper Darby
    Can anyone please explain how a driver can properly exit the Citizens Bank drive-thru lane? Delmar Rd runs parallel, and there is a traffic light for the road. I cannot understand how I can exit the bank, without violating traffic laws.
  • 1020 Broad St Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    There is an illegal boarding home going on at this location, it is a 3 BR home and has at least 8 adults and 4 kids living there, countless number of cars, some legal some not and now there appears to be construction going on inside...more bedrooms possibly. no permits posted of course.