Councilmember Carol Wood

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Fälle beobachten, die erstellt wurden nach: 2010-02-23

I represent the entire City of Lansing and I am here to help solve problems. Please free to contact me either by email or by phone at 483-4188.

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  • 2400 Northwest Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There is a pop up camper in the side yard next to the drive way at this house. It has been there for months. The owners tried to cover it with a blue tarp, but it is now shredded and doing absolutely nothing. Ugly sight.
  • 824 Riverview Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
  • 739-987 S Clemens Ave Lansing, MI 48912, USA - Lansing
    Other lights were on in the area.
  • 920 W Lapeer Lansing, Michigan - Genesee
  • 4811 Lyncott Dr Lansing, MI, 48910, USA - Lansing
    Pothole on corner of Sandlyn Dr. And Lyncott Dr lansing,MI 48910. Thank you.
  • 3115 Sussex St Lansing, MI 48911, USA - Lansing
    The street light is out right on the corner of susex and Wainwright
  • E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing
    There's a large (approx. 3'x 3')sink-hole in the brick sidewalk on the north side of Mich. Ave in front of the Lugnuts Stadium.
  • Pothole Open
    Corner Of Johnson & May Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There are several large, deep potholes at this intersection. Thank you.
  • W Saginaw St & Westmoreland Ave Lansing, MI, 48915, USA - Lansing
    There is a dog on the corner house that barks the entire time it is out. It barks at everything and we can't walk our dogs by the property anymore. They leave the dog out for hours. Neighbors have asked the owners to stop but it continues to be absolutely annoying to hear this all day everyday.
  • 1110 Persons Ct Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There is an abandoned vehicle setting at the rental property at this address. This vehicle has been setting for at least 2 weeks. This house is vacant. This vehicle does not belong to the owner. We are currently trying to rent this house but due to the neighbors next door and vehicle we have had a hard time.
  • 2121 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    This lot has trash everywhere, weeds that are never mowed, and trees/shrubs that are impeding sidewalks.
  • 5716 Wise Rd Lansing, MI - Lansing
    There has been a couch and chair among other trash outside for several weeks.