Councilmember Carol Wood

Open Issues: 1.510 Closed Issues: 5.735 Αναγνωρισμένα Θέματα: 111
Watching issues created after: 2010-02-23

I represent the entire City of Lansing and I am here to help solve problems. Please free to contact me either by email or by phone at 483-4188.

Notified About

  • 3813 Wainwright Ave Lansing, MI 48911, USA - Lansing
    street light is out
  • 3623 S Deerfield Ave Lansing, MI 48911, USA - Lansing
    street light is out
  • 729 Pierce Road Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Large limb fell off owners tree. Was placed curbside MONTHS ago but is now obstructing the street. Make him pull into the yard with other tree debris.
  • 645 S Fairview Ave Lansing, MI, 48912, USA - Lansing
    Could you have the people at this address clean up the dog poop in their front yard and what's on the sidewalk? They also need to cut their back yard and clean up the trash that is in their back yard. Are garbage bags which attract bugs and vermin. Thank you.
  • 1219 E Grand River Avenue Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
  • 1246 Parkview Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The recycle bin has been at the curb for over a month and a half filled with trash. The grass has not been mowed and is tall.
  • 713 Lenore Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The trash is in front yard & front porch. Also stacked on back porch.
  • Lansing River Trail Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    new graffiti under all of the bridges from Moores Park to Potter Park on the river trail
  • 2923 Cranbrook Ave Lansing, MI, 48906, USA - Lansing
    The street lights have been taken over by tree growth. They can barely luminate our street. This is a hazard to our community. We need the trees cut back to luminate our street, homes, and sidewalks. This will also in help with public safety. Please trim the trees back far enough for future growth. Last time some one came out they trimmed one branch and left it lay there. Never taking care of it.
  • 2121 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    This lot has trash everywhere, weeds that are never mowed, and trees/shrubs that are impeding sidewalks.
  • 2323 Greenbelt Dr Lansing, MI, 48911, USA - Lansing
    There is a Male that is driving a Chevy Tahoe reckless and is parking in empty house driveways. But this house is empty and the neighbor next to them have endless people in and out the house daily and using the empty house to use for their guest and traffic. This vehicle is not leaving until late at night dont know what's going on but it's been endless almost daily activities going on. Dont know if he is going in the empty house with drugs or hanging out with the neighbor in this house.
  • 914 Westmoreland Avenue Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The house is abandoned. There is trash everywhere, the grass is getting high and it looks terrible. Have not seen any one there in a couple weeks. Please clean up the mess left at this property.