Councilmember Carol Wood

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Watching issues created after: 2010-02-23

I represent the entire City of Lansing and I am here to help solve problems. Please free to contact me either by email or by phone at 483-4188.

Notified About

  • Annapolis Drive & Claremore Drive Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There are 3 street lights out on Annapolis Drive just north of Claremore Drive. Would be nice to have them all working before Halloween night.
  • 701-709 S Grand Ave Lansing, MI 48933, USA - Lansing
    It's in the asphalt on E Main.
  • 1625 W Kalamazoo St Lansing MI 48915, United States - Lansing
    South east corner of McPherson and Kalamazoo Street lamp has been out for nearly two months Been reported by others in the area Attempting to get it noticed .. Again
  • 4911 Christiansen Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There is an old mattress and cushions in the back yard. They burned an old mattress in the yard and the coils are laying in the back yard. There is a broken table and cushion against the back of the house.
  • Other Open
    4911 Christiansen Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Residents keep their trash can and recycling can out at the road and not at their house.
  • Balzer St Lansing, MI, 48911, USA - Lansing
    Good afternoon, I have been a resident of Balzer St. for almost 11 years. Since living there, my husband and I have raised 3 daughters, none of whom were ever able to play in our front yard without the constant threat of a car sliding off the side of the road, into anyones yard, as there are no speed limit signs; speed bumps; much less sidewalks. My petition is not for sidewalks, although that would be AMAZING, but for the City of Lansing to PLEASE consider installing speed bumps on our residential street. The street is literally only (1) block. We get traffic cutting through to avoid the light at MLK, traffic from the people leaving the bars and people who just enjoy speeding and screetching down a quiet residential road. Please help us... every time we back out of our driveways, we have the potential of a speeder colliding with us. Thank you for your consideration. "Concerned neighbor"
  • 301 E Jolly Rd Lansing, MI, 48910, USA - Lansing
    Astera Credit Union has a street drain plugged. It is on the left side of the exit drive.
  • 1110 Persons Ct Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    There is an abandoned vehicle setting at the rental property at this address. This vehicle has been setting for at least 2 weeks. This house is vacant. This vehicle does not belong to the owner. We are currently trying to rent this house but due to the neighbors next door and vehicle we have had a hard time.
  • 215 Dunlap St Lansing, MI 48910, USA - Lansing
    blue jeep 4x4. no plates. hasn't been moved in weeks.
  • Reo Avenue And Woodlawn Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Silver impala parked on the wrong side of the road. Car has been there all day. Parking department is closed and no after hour number to call and complain. Please send parking officer to ticket the car.
  • 607 Vernon Ave Lansing, MI, 48910, USA - Lansing
    This location is a rental property. For years, the landlord or tenant has never salted or shoveled the sideway. This needs to be addressed. There is a bunch of ice currently all over the sidewalk that causes residents to slip or be forced to walk in the street. As a homeowner, I shovel and salt my walk every time. I expect the same. Please re-enforce this.
  • 2108 Pleasant View Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    We have had barricades around a hole from a broken water main in the street in front of our home for months. The concrete forms for the curb have been in place for three weeks... waiting... waiting... Today four city workers showed up at 8:00 am to await the HiGrade Concrete truck. When the truck showed up at 10:06 he made a 15 minute pour. I asked the worker when he received his work order for this job and he told me 9:45 am. So the city workers were here, the truck driver arrived in a timely fashion with his concrete, did a 15 minute pour and everything is just fine... WRONG! I called HiGrade Concrete and asked why this work order was not scheduled until 9:45 and was told "We had some bigger orders to fill and we do the big jobs first." Someone explain to me please why four city workers have to sit in their trucks for two hours while HiGrade sends concrete when they get around to it. Does the city not rank high enough on their list of jobs to get things scheduled correctly? Maybe we need to find another concrete company for the city, a company that respects the number of jobs the city throws their way. This little curb job with a 15 minute, maybe two yard pour max, with four city workers sitting around at who knows how much per hour, times EIGHT (2 hours x four workers) is a HUGE WASTE OF THE TAXPAYERS MONEY! I place the blame entirely with the dispatch scheduler at HiGrade. Please someone look into this. It is not an isolated incident. This type of waste is ridiculous.