Councilmember Carol Wood

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Watching issues created after: 2010-02-23

I represent the entire City of Lansing and I am here to help solve problems. Please free to contact me either by email or by phone at 483-4188.

Notified About

  • 1918 Fairmont St Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The street lights are very weak in front of my house
  • 917 Holten Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Tree fell on porch
  • 916 Riley St Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
  • 407 W Fairfield Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Parked motorcycle in front yard plus other trash place is a mess a
  • Other Open
    810 Mahlon St Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The neighbors across the street from myself have had their truck parked in front of my house for some almost three months. The car has not moved or even been started in months. During both major snow emergencies it sat there making it almost impossible to come and go from my driveway as the snow could not be plowed. It sits with a trash bag in the bed now. I have shared driveway parking and have had to have company park several houses away including my elderly grandparents and walk to my home. As of the beginning of the week there are now 2 to 4 cars parked in the road surrounding my home one of which has not moved in weeks. Could someone please do something about this?