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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Fairview Avenue North Saint Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    Large potholes on Fairview under 94/train bridges
  • OMG WTF! Acknowledged
    1101-1249 Warner Road Saint Paul, Minnesota - Dayton's Bluff
    This road sucks really really bad. Like seriously you won't believe how bad it is. There's got to be like a million potholes. 4 rlz.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1-23 Fairview Avenue North Saint Paul, Minnesota - Merriam Park
    A number of potholes on Fairview Ave between Summit Ave and Marshall Ave.
  • 432 Hamline Ave S St Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland
    There are dozens - maybe hundreds - of wide, deep potholes, especially in the northbound lane of Hamline Ave between Randolph and St. Claire. Nearly undriveable.
  • 1282 Concordia Ave St Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1593-1597 Grand Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland
    Major pothole just before light at Grand and snelling
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    911-969 North Lexington Parkway Saint Paul, MN 55108, USA - Como
    Stretch of large potholes. All of Lexington is riddled to be exact.
  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    Energy Park Drive At Hwy 280 Saint Paul, Minnesota - Saint Anthony
    I think it's time to consider a new traffic control option for this intersection, either stoplights or roundabouts. During rush hour it is very difficult to turn left onto Energy Park, particularly for semi trucks. I have seen trucks sit there for at least 5 minutes. This also makes turning right difficult because oncoming traffic cannot be seen around the truck. I have witnessed at least 2 accidents as a result of a car turning right onto Energy Park and colliding with oncoming traffic.
  • Dangerous Ice Archived
    826 Selby Ave St. Paul, MN - Summit-University

    In the 800 block of Selby dangerous ice has formed.

    I spun out into the other lane last night, trying to pull into my driveway.

    Tonight, every other car is spinning in the lane, and a white car just hit the opposite side snow bank.

    I suggest you get some snow melt down that will do some good. I've seen the plow truck go through after the Christmas storm, and he was barely putting down any sand/salt.


  • 304 N Snelling Ave St Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    State property keep off. Please enforce.
  • 1848 7th St W St Paul, MN - Highland
    Corner of 7th Street and Montreal. Traffic going East (down hill) on Montreal has a dangerous left turn due to oncoming traffic from Elway. A left turn light for Montreal traffic turning onto 7th would improve safety and traffic flow.
  • Mears Park/E 6th St St Paul, MN - Downtown
    Many of us from the neighborhood have called:
    1) City Hall
    2) Parks Dept
    3) St Paul PD
    4) Public works
    about the extremely loud "muzak" that plays 24/7 from the speakers on the ampi-theater in Mears Park. No one seems to want to "own" this nuisance. The music is too loud and can be heard in the apartments with the windows closed. It is supposed to turn off at 9pm & never does. In times of budget woes, why doesn't someone just shut this off for good and save the city & taxpayers a lot of wasted money that is a big annoyance to the residents of the area. Who IS responsible for this???