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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    779-839 South Cleveland Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Highland
    The entire block from Ford Parkway to the split between Cleveland and St. Paul Avenue is frightening - NOTHING but potholes. Worse I've ever seen. (I live on Inner Drive so not my home address - just have to drive this stretch every day.)
  • Lexington Pkwy S St Paul, MN - Summit Hill
    There needs to be a left turn arrow at northbound Lexington Avenue at Grand Avenue. Traffic backs up for blocks during the rush hour and its dangerous for those turning.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Ayd Mill Road Saint Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland
    There are multiple deep potholes that are very difficult to avoid as you try to merge with traffic onto Ayd Mill (heading south) after turning off of St. Clair.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1017 3rd Street East Saint Paul, Minnesota - Dayton's Bluff
    3rd Street between Arcade and Etna is very full of potholes in both directions
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1767-1777 Suburban Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55106, USA - Battle Creek
    Multiple potholes on suburban ave going west toward target. Some are very large and/or deep
  • 179 Fairview Ave S St Paul, MN 55105, USA - Macalester-Groveland
    this stretch is an accident waiting to happen!!!!
  • 2537 Edgcumbe Road Saint Paul, MN - Highland
    One of the rubberized panels that makes up the road surface at the Edcumbe road level crossing is collapsing into the crossing, creating a medium-to-large size pothole-like road hazard. I believe this trackage is owned by Canadian Pacific.
  • smith Archived
    739 Smith Ave S St Paul, MN 55107, USA - West Side
    Holy moly! Smith Ave is a mess! basically from the bridge to Annapolis! If cars don't get ruined from potholes it will be from accidents with people trying to avoid them!
  • chickens? Archived
    312 Brimhall St St Paul, MN - Macalester-Groveland
    chickens in yard - very cute but is this legal?
  • 790 Cleveland Avenue South Saint Paul, Minnesota - Highland
    The entire stretch of Cleveland, then as it turns into St Paul avenue, from Ford to Montreal is almost more pothole than street, in both directions. It's a diaster area.
  • Graffiti Archived
    350 North Sibley Street Saint Paul, MN 55101, USA - Downtown
    Graffiti on building.
  • 801-869 St Paul Ave St Paul, MN 55116, USA - Highland
    The stretch of road where Cleveland Ave. southbound turns into St. Paul Ave. southbound is riddled with numerous pot holes.